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9 Amazing Places to Party in Australia

Discover some of the best places
for nightly entertainment in Australia's top cities

dance crowd, party people, nighttime entertainment

With an abundance of nighttime entertainment, Australia's party culture is well established
throughout its many cities. We point out some of the places in Australia's top cities. (Pixabay)

Australian nightlife is an abundance of wee-hours entertainment. Once here, your list is endless. Right from best of bars and bistros to happening night-pubs and infamous strip joints – the party culture is very much prevalent amongst all. Australia believes in never-ending sunshine and parties and never turns down any traveler.

Go through the rundown of the nine most fantastic party places in Australia and start making your check-list. Starting from Sydney to Brisbane, the partying joints mentioned are just the tip of the ice-berg. The best sites in Australia are for sure to transform your night into an enchanting one.


Sydney's Opera House at night, Australia

As Australia's best known and largest city, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales
and one of the most amazing places to visit and experience great nightlife. (Pixabay)

Sydney has everything! Boasting with an outstanding nightlife, Sydney answers to everyone’s call after sunset. The beach shacks and lounge bars have the mantra of good-life hidden in them. Irrespective of you being an urban person, or the beach-hugging one – Sydney’s amazing party places caters to all.

Let’s do a quick rundown to get a flavor of some of the breathtaking party places in Sydney.


Grasshopper follows Australia’s mini-bar trend. The perfect place for enjoying Australia’s nightlife. Order some of their famous cocktails, or cherry-pick a crispy red wine from their unending wine-list. And, do not forget to try their unique cocktail accompaniments. The jazzy music and lively crowd will lure you and make you ask for more.

Chinese Laundry

Chinese Laundry, located at Sussex Street, Chinatown has dominated the pub culture in Sydney for many years. Right from hosting various live music performances to playing groovy numbers by well-acclaimed DJs, Chinese Laundry is a ‘must-visit’ place for both backpackers and vacationers. The night-club entertains their guests with all musical genres, right from electro to RnB and Hip-hop. And if you want some chill-out in the open, head towards the garden bar. The outdoor dance floor is always a welcoming one.


Marquee is the most visited and up-to-the-minute night-club of Sydney. An award-winning dance and drink bar, nobody will feel left out, once they step in. Most of the music lovers and page three socialites love to throng at this party joint. The hopping backpackers’ crowd, and also the vacationers’ horde into this place. Located at Marquee Sydney, the pub closes after 4 in the morning! So, you have all the time in your hands to enjoy it. Be economically well-fed, as this place costs a bomb.


Melbourne city at night, Australia

The capital of Victoria and Australia's second largest city, Melbourne is located on the
Yarra River, which adds to its appeal and offers extra river entertainment. (Pixabay)

Talk of the finest and vibrant nightlife – Melbourne suits every party-goers’ taste! Melbourne is an active round-the-clock. So, no one has to care about the time. Open for all, and tickling everyone’s taste, the party clubs mentioned below will always let you groove ‘n’ grind. But, if you want to drive your way through to another city with loads of luggage, hire a car with an installed roof rack Adelaide.

La Di Da

La Di Da, located in Little Bourke Street is all set to make you groove the entire night. This night-club believes in some mind-blowing party culture. The place attracts most of the crowd and stands as one of the famous dance pubs in the town. Their three large rooms have all the avenues to accommodate Melbourne’s maximum party-goers. You will catch a horde of world-famous DJs playing their hippest numbers. Set the dance ablaze till early 5 AM with your trendy moves, and quench your thirst with cost-effective drinks.

Boilermaker House

Mind a few late-night nibbles? What about the ‘in vogue’ dance numbers as the cookie point? Well, you can get both under the same rooftop, in Melbourne’s Boilermaker. Hop-in to Melbourne’s centrally-located party hub, a place for some foot-tapping numbers, lasting till 3 AM. This place is undoubtedly for most of the backpackers’ and stands as a couple’s rendezvous joint.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast beach and city skyscrapers

Originally a small fishing village, Gold Coast city and in particular Surfers Paradise has
grown into one of the most desired destinations in Australia, with rich nightlife. (Pixabay)

You guessed it right! Australia’s Gold Coast never sleeps, and why? The night-long party hub is a heady mix of both – abundant music and drinks. Hone your surfing skills, or take a dip in the blue sea-water. This shoreline burns as a dance floor every night. Both the party places discussed here will never let you feel disappointed. Instead, visit these hubs to get the real taste of life.

Surfers Paradise Beer-garden

A perfect mix of beer and nature, Surfers Paradise Beer-garden offers what precisely the ‘wild-at-heart’ travelers lookout. The elevated terrace and resting lounge pamper people with the much-enjoyed sunlight and crispy sea-breeze. Apart from the considerable dance arena, one-side has a couple of pool tables, a darting zone, and a dining space. The walls gleam with an enormous LCD television, showing live matches. Call this place a sports freak’s paradise, or a dancer’s lobby with a Beer-garden that also suits everyone’s pocket. Step-in to enjoy the chill-out numbers of Australia’s best DJs till 11 PM.

Love Night-life

Love Nightlife caters for non-stop entertainment to all the surfers, beach buddies, and party lovers till 5 in the morning. The extensive cocktail range, along with the fancy shots and crispy-n-spicy wines turns this party place, into a most-desired one. Right from R&B to Rock-n-Roll and Jazz, you have everything under one roof. Head towards Broadbeach, beside Gold Coast, to step inside this night-club. Moderately priced, you can drop-in here once in a blue moon.


The inner city of Brisbane at nighttime, Australia

Located only 70 kms from the Gold Coast and being the capital of Queensland, Brisbane
and its namesake river provide a variety of nighttime enjoyment and parties. (Pixabay)

Brisbane’s nightlife stands different from the other party places in Australia. It offers a varied mix of rooftop lounge bars, Irish pub-houses, and chic dance clubs – all in one plate. Fit for all the party-hungry individuals, Brisbane’s pubs and discotheques cater to an endless variety of entertainment. From The Triffid to The Press Club, the clubs stand in a row, welcoming the people of varied age-groups.

The Triffid

Newstead’s Triffid, is a famous commercial hang-out of Brisbane, focusing on the finest of inter-continental dance numbers. This pub charts the top-most layers of Australia’s party hub with its state-of-art sound quality and incredible musical numbers. This place makes a vacationer feel at home with its open-air food and cocktail kiosk. So, stop-over to experience live music and other cultural jamborees, which continues till 3 in the morning.

The Press Club

The Press Club of Fortitude Valley, Australia, is undoubtedly the search-over place for the party-poppers and backpackers. It is always open for the night-animals, till 3 AM. Let your spirit stir with all-genre music and lip-smacking cuisine.

Keep partying!

The age-old saying, ‘work-hard-and-party-harder,’ suits well with the Aussies. People here need no reason to celebrate and party. They know the real meaning of enjoying life. So why wait? Be calm, and keep partying!

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