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What to expect on your travel to Africa

Africa is referred to as the cradle of human life as we know it, being the oldest inhabited territory in the world. Travel through Africa will reveal the modern dilemma of a region pushing forward with globalization and technology at the same time that many cultures and tribes are striving to protect their traditional way of life.

In addition to numerous human cultures, Africa supports the world's most spectacular collection of rare species and biodiversity. Encountering Africa's wilderness firsthand is not only a radically unique experience, but also a once-in-a-lifetime privilege that future generations may not have the opportunity to share.


African Safari for Disabled

African Safari for Disabled

Safaris are not meant for the fit travelers. Disabled travelers can also enjoy the best travel experience in the heart of the African continent. Travel market for those with limited mobility is rapidly growing, as more and more travelers with disabilities choose thrilling destinations, including safari in Africa.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not for beginners. You need to be in a really good physical shape, experienced climber and fully dedicated, in order to climb this top African peak. There's no doubt that this is a great challenge, so if you are into climbing, you should consider something less challenging.

Eating Out in Morocco

Eating Out in Morocco

When you travel to different countries, one way to experience the world is to eat out. This provides you with an opportunity to try different tastes from different places. When you are visiting Morocco, you are able to indulge your senses into some of the most delicious local foods at these restaurants.

Guide to African Safari

Guide to African Safari

For those looking for a truly unique holiday adventure, going on African safaris would be the ultimate travel experience. If you are travelling to Africa for the first time, be prepared to be blown away by this great experience. Take a look at Africa's seven National Parks, where you can experience safari adventures.

Guide to Tunisia

Guide to Tunisia

Situated between Algeria and Lybia, Tunisia borders with the Mediterranean Sea. It offers sun, sea, sand, and sights for a relaxing vacation. This guide provides details on how to get the best from your holiday in Tunisia and what kind of attractions you can expect to see.

Luxury Safari Lodges

Luxury Safari Lodges

For the best safari experience, African land is your destination. Not only that you will see the wildest land and enjoy thrilling adventure, but you will also find the most luxurious safari lodges, as the best hidden travel secret in Africa. It's the perfect luxury accommodation for adventureous travellers.

Tanzania Attractions

Tanzania Attractions and Destinations

Even though modern technology and the ease of travel make the world look smaller and distant places closer, Africa has lost none of the charm and mystery that has always attracted foreign travellers here. Considering some of the amazing places and attractions found here, it's no surprise.

Africa's Beauty

The astounding beauty of Africa's many regions has attracted Western explorers, sparked wars and piqued historians' interests for centuries upon centuries. From the tranquil Mediterranean coast of North Africa to the thriving southern tip of Cape Town, the great continent spans over 10,000 indigenous tribes, more than 500 languages and over 60 independent nations and political territories.

Camels resting near the pyramids
Egypt's great pyramids are one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in Africa

Diverse Regions in Africa

The overwhelming expanse of the African continent is best understood and traveled by region. The different regions in Africa are individually as diverse as the continent in its entirety, and the complexities of the cultures and nationalities leave the unsuspecting traveler dumbfounded.

The predominantly Arabic culture of North Africa enjoys the Mediterranean shore, from the majestic pyramids in Egypt to the enchanting Moorish architecture of Morocco.

For the adventurous, the Sahara Desert lies just to the south and brings this region drier, hotter summers compared with its northern Mediterranean neighbors. Along the Atlantic Ocean, West Africa is predominantly comprised of Africa's savannahs, known for their exciting wildlife safaris.

Cape Point in South Africa
Located 60kms from Cape Town, Cape Point is the most prominent tip in South West Africa

The west is also home to Africa's greatest cultural and political diversity, largely a result of the colonial era and the Slave Trade.

East Africa is one of the most popular destinations where Africa's two tallest peaks, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, soar imperially above great concentrations of elephants, water buffalo and rhinoceros.

Visitors also venture east to explore the Great Rift Valley, a geologic wonder formed by the global movement of the earth's plates. Southern Africa is a blend of forests, grasslands and deserts rich with diamonds and gold.

Travel in southern Africa is unique due to the high population of Europeans and Indians; consequently, a distinct culture of food, music, art and religion has emerged from the blending of traditions.

Growing urban centers, breathtaking national parks and endless encounters with the past is only the beginning of your African travels. Travel to Africa and meet the many faces of our global history. The constant adventure and intellectual intrigue of this multifaceted and ancient continent is a journey that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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