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Top 6 Amazing Day Trips from Sydney

Visit some of the most amazing locations outside of Sydney

Sydney is an amazing city and one of the most fascinating places in the Land Down Under, which is not a small accomplishment since the country stretches across 7,692,024 km2. However, even the greatest city in the world can become monotonous if you spend every day in it.

Fortunately, Sydney is close to dozens of beautiful attractions which can be reached in a few hours of driving. So, if you are planning on gathering your friends or family and heading for a one-day escape from the big city, here are a few excellent suggestions.

Blue Mountains

Cascaded river stream in Blue Mountains
As one of the most striking natural wonders, Blue Mountains are a top attraction
for many visitors to Sydney, for a day of adventure. (Image by Flickr)

Located only 90 minutes outside of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a must visit for everyone considering a short escape from the city. This place is completely opposite to the big metropolis – it’s peaceful, serene and quiet, and a true wonder of nature. A visit to the Blue Mountains is an adventure at its finest since it offers guided walks, hiking trips, horse riding, cycling, but it can also include day spas and pampering. Some of the locations you shouldn’t miss are Three Sisters (sandstone formations), Jenolan Caves and Katoomba.

Hunter Valley

Sydney's vineyard region of Hunter Valley
Australian wines are amongst best wines in the world, some of which originate
from Sydney's Hunter Valley wine region. (Image by Flickr)

Having an itch for some of the finest wines of Australia? Well, that’s no problem if you are living in Sydney and have up to three hours to reach your destination. This trip is all about giving your taste buds a workout and indulging in wineries, spa retreats, gourmet restaurants and vineyards. Besides giving you a lesson or two from wine experts, Hunter Valley will treat you with picturesque scenery. You can get there by car, bus or if you feel like observing the surroundings while travelling – by train.


Floriade Ferris Wheel in Canberra
As Australia's capital, Canberra is a unique of Australian cities, with cooler temperatures and green surroundings, only a couple of hours drive from Sydney. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Canberra is located 287 km from Sydney, which means you will need somewhere between two and four hours to get there, depending on how fast you are driving and the circumstances on the road. That may sound too much, but it is well worth the effort. This charming green small city is filled with lovely architecture and plenty of history behind it. The very road to Canberra is also interesting, and if you decide to go in a group, you can rent a bus from Sydney to Canberra and see the amazing attractions along the way. Stop by Royal National Park or visit Lake George – not something you would see if you flew there.

Royal National Park

Ocean cliffs fall at Royal National Park
For those who enjoy untouched nature, a visit to Royal National Park is a must,
as one of the closer locations to Sydney. (Image by Flickr)

Even if you are not going all the way to Canberra, Royal National Park is a must visit because it is the second oldest national park in the world. It is about an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD, but it is also accessible by hourly tram and train. The park is home to many beaches, waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, rain forests, valleys, rivers and scenic views of the ocean. There is also a number of fun activities to do here, including swimming, surfing and kayaking.

Byron Bay

Sea kayaking in bay
It's one of the most spectacular bays in northern NSW, a good deal of drive from Sydney,
or a quick flight, with amazing beach and sea activities. (Image by Flickr - Cheek)

Although Byron Bay is too far from Sydney (779 km) to drive there, you can always find an affordable airplane ticket and reach Byron Bay in less than two hours. This short plane flight is very rewarding since you will be amazed by this delightful coastal town the moment you land. If you are into a laid-back hippie atmosphere, look no further than this city, so beloved by backpackers and young tourists.

Jervis Bay

Pelican basking in bay waters
Crystal clear waters are one of the attractions of Jervis Bay,
along with pristine nature and wildlife. (Image by Flickr)

Three hours away from Sydney, Jervis Bay is a marvel of nature. Featuring a pristine white stretch of sand and crystal-clear water, it will help you renew your energy after three hours of driving. On the way there, you can stop by for some chocolates and confectionaries at the Treat Factory or sample some wines at the Berry.

There are plenty more fantastic destinations to visit when you want to take a day off from the crowded Sydney, including Kangaroo Valley, Bowral, Newcastle and Cockatoo Island. However, these six are our favourite day drips from Sydney. To learn why, you must check them all out.

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Nicole is an avid traveler passionate about yoga and healthy living. She always seeks new adventures and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. You can find her on Twitter and FB.

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