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Holidaying in Asia, working or retiring here

Travel in Asia is inexpensive and opens the door to experience many different cultures and cuisines. We already cover some of the major Asian travel destinations on this site, such as the city of Dubai, The Himalayas, India and Thailand, we'll bring you more information about other Asian locations.


The 10 New Bali Initiative

The 10 New Balis Initiative

Bail has been one of the most popular and best known holiday destinations in South East Asia. The government of Indonesia has recognized this and started a project 'The 10 New Balis', with a view to create 10 new Bali-like destinations and reach 20 million visitors to the country by the 2020.

Abu Dhabi Hotel Offerings

Abu Dhabi Hotel Offerings

As an important travel destination for business and leisure, UAE capital Abu Dhabi has some of the finest hotels in the world, attracting millions of visitors annually. Abu Dhabi top hotels are known for exceptional qualities and fine offerings made available to their guests. Here are some of the fine services available.

Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines is one of the major South East Asia travel destinations. Its sprawling islands, lush green rice fields, the volcanoes, mountains and jeepneys make the Philippines islands an attractive tropical destination. It's a happy-go-lucky country with ever smiling people.

Singapore Vacation

Singapore Vacation Guide

If you are travelling to Asia, then Singapore should be on your wish list of places to visit. This city-state is beautiful, diverse, peaceful and vibrant. It offers a variety of places to see and things to do. We have selected a handful of city attractions that will make your vacation truly memorable.

Tourism Guide to Iran

Tourism Guide to Iran

If you are a traveler seeking off-the-beaten-track destinations to visit, you will find Iran an exotic mix of old and new. Being one of the oldest cultures in the world, Iran echos of the days of Ancient Persia. Now is the time to explore this country's many wonders on a 30-day visa.

Travel to Doha in Qatar

Travel to Doha in Qatar

While Qatar might not be on your immediate travel list, come 2022 it will come into the spotlight, when Qatar will host the World's Soccer Cup. Now might be right time to familiarize yourself with Doha, its capital. We give you four different places to visit while in Doha.

Visit S.E.A. Aquarium

Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium

One of Singapore's latest attractions is the South East Asia (S.E.A.) Aquarium, located as part of Resorts World Sentosa. This Marine Life Park features over 100,000 sea animals, of some 800 species. Read about our family's memorable visit to this amazing and fascinating marine underwater park.

The largest continent

As the largest and most populous continent, Asia has a large variety of holiday and travel destinations. It's home to 60 percent of the world's population and 2 of the first 3 world economies - China, as the 2nd largest and Japan, as the third largest economy in the world.

Whether you are planning a short holiday or an extended stay in any of the Asian destinations, you could also lay the groundwork for the ultimate stay, retirement. Asian locations are also popular choice for many expats who live and work abroad, in the places such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand.

With so many industries now becoming reliant on online commerce, it becomes more attractive to choose your location where you want to work, irrespective of where your company's offices are.

If you do not visit Asia, you will be missing not only a paradise of affordable travel, but the chance to see an alternative living location. For retirees, it is luxury living for pennies, not just getting by on their pension. Asia, a paradise experience is waiting for you.

A busy Vietnam sea scene with many boats and lush islands
Asian travel destinations abound, offering a large variety of travel experiences
and some pretty amazing sights, like this one in Vietnam. (Image by