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What Makes Australia a Unique Travel Option?

Beautiful beaches, great cities, and unique nature make Australia
a wonderful holiday and travel destination

With its varied landscape, stunning coastlines, and a range of urban and rural activities Australia rarely fails to impress visitors. With plenty to see and do regardless of personal travel preferences Australia is a unique travel destination suitable for all types of travelers.

Port Campbell National Park in Australia
Located in the south-west part of Victoria, Port Campbell National Park
is known for its rock formations named The Twelve Apostles.

When To Visit

The summer months of December to February can often get very hot in some parts of the country, although they can still be visited for a pleasant experience. The winter months are in June to August, when few parts of the country get quite cold. However, Australian winters are relatively mild. With great climate throughout the year in most parts of the country Australia is a year-round holiday and travel destination.

In-flight map of Australia
While Sydney is the most often visited city in Australia, other cities are also
popular destinations, such as Perth on west coast, Darwin on the north,
and Cairns, Brisbane and Melbourne on east coast.

Suitable For Everyone

Australia caters to tourists and visitors of all types. Whether you are a backpacker, a student on a shoestring budget, a honeymooning couple looking for the ultimate post wedding holiday, a group of friends or a family with young children Australia is most likely a suitable travel destination for you. With a range of accommodation options catering to various budgets, as well as plenty of activities suitable for both the young and old and a combination of urban and rural holiday opportunities. Australia checks all boxes.

Australia's kangaroo on beach
Australia is home to many unique animal species,
including the best known Australian kangaroo


Travelers can enjoy many beaches and beach activities. The world's largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is located in Queensland, Australia. Scuba divers get the opportunity to see a myriad of exotic marine life. For non-divers, a trip to Australia might be the perfect time to obtain diving certification, making it not only a holiday destination, but an occasion for a new learning experience.

Bondi beach on Sydney's south shore
One of the best known beaches in Australia is hugely popular Bondi beach,
located on Sydney's south shore.

The Outdoors

An Australian holiday can be customized based on the travelers' interests and preferences. Australia offers hiking and trekking trails and some great camping sites and country cottages. Travelers can participate in skiing and snowboarding during the winter months, making Australia unique in that ski holidays are rarely experienced in the southern hemisphere.

Skiing action on Australia's ski slopes
Australia offers some of the best ski holidays in the world,
giving you a unique opportunity of skiing one day and laying on beach the next.

The Cities

Australia's beautiful cities offer the best urban experiences. For example, travelers to Sydney can enjoy a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House and visitors to Australia's food capital, Melbourne, can have a taste of cuisines from across the world. There are plenty of museums, zoos, and parks that are family friendly, as well as shopping options, spas, and a vibrant nightlife.

Skyline of Surfers Paradise, the main Gold Coast city suburb
In amongst many cities to visit in Australia, you will find aptly named
Surfers Paradise, former small fishing village, now a major holiday destination
on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
 (Image by

Suitable For Individual Needs

Australia is a unique travel destination being suitable for travelers that may require special arrangements or have specific needs. There is access to the finest medical facilities, which may be important for travelers with specific medical conditions. There are various places of worship such as churches, mosques or temples and the food is diverse for people with certain dietary requirements. Travelers to the country can have peace of mind, knowing it is one of the world's safest countries.

Travel Arrangements

The first step to planning a trip to Australia is to apply for an Australian visa. Once you have your visa sorted out, you can continue planning your trip including booking flights and making your accommodation arrangements.

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