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A Wine Journey Through Australia

Discover Australian wine regions with wine tasting tours

In the last 230 years, Australia has become a major manufacturer of top-quality wine brands. Captain Arthur Phillip imported Australia’s first grape vines from the Cape of Good Hope and Brazil in 1788. The vines planted then were faring better, but not until the arrival of James Busby (Scottish viticulturist) in 1824 did the wine industry really take off. Today, Australia is one of the top 10 wine producers in the world, exporting over 1 billion liters of wine to the world. Here are some of the most renowned Australian wine regions.

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is located in Victoria, southeast of Melbourne, where small amounts of high-quality wine are produced in around 60 wineries (more than 200 vineyards). This area, particularly noted for Pinot noir, is where you can see beautiful orchards, historic mansions, rolling hills, and olive groves. Enjoy in finely sculpted hedge mazes and old rose gardens is where you can picnic and relax. Mornington Peninsula is a well-known food lover’s region, where you can also participate in recreational activities, such as hand gliding, sailing, surfing, scuba diving, skiffle boarding, and cycling.

Bathing boxes in Edithvale, Melbourne
The colourful old bathing boxes in Edithvale, a beach suburb in Melbourne, are popular tourist attraction and considered historical treasures. (Image by

Hunter Valley

One of the oldest Australian wine growing regions. By visiting Hunter Valley, you will have a unique chance to treat your sensory receptors and indulge in wine and food tasting – local cheeses and other dairy goods, hand-made chocolate, sourdough breads, charcuterie, and fresh olive oil. After that, you can relax by taking a helicopter or a hot-air balloon ride, a game of golf, or shopping for local and antique artworks. Sydney Tours R Us are your best bet to make the most of Hunter Valley, by offering wonderful small wine tasting tours.

Vineyard in Hunter Valley
On your journey through Australia's wine regions, pay a visit to Hunter Valley, which is
the oldest of Australian wine growing regions. (Image by

Margaret River

With about more than 5 thousand hectares of land under vine, and more than 200 wineries, Margaret River is a well renowned wine and food region in Southwestern Australia. You can explore everything from wine cellars to stunning beaches. Taste local handmade chocolates and artisan cheese, try fresh ocean crayfish, and visit the boutique breweries for some quality, local brew. Also, explore the outdoors by engaging in activities like snorkeling, surfing, diving, or simply a long walk through the forest.

Surfers Point at Margaret River
As its name suggests, Surfers Point at Margaret River is known for its consistent surf
and waves, making it very popular with surfers. (Image by

McLaren Vale

Cabernet Shiraz
A bottle of Cabernet Shiraz wine
(Image by

The McLaren Vale wine region is situated in South Australia, named after the Colonial Manager of the South Australia Company, David McLaren. There are 63 wineries, and about 270 independent grape growers.

Weekend farmer’s markets are a must-visit, packed with delicious cheeses, fresh bread, fruit and olives. Nice vineyard restaurants will provide you a pleasant evening atmosphere whilst enjoying South Australian cuisine meals. Have a few days reserved for a horse ride, cycle or walk along the old railway line - the Shiraz Trail.

Yarra Valley

A well-known wine region in Victoria (east of Melbourne), it is the region surrounding the Yarra River. 

Yarra Valley is an important destination for wine tourism, due to high-quality wineries (best known for their Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and sparkling wine) and its proximity to urban centers. There are more than 80 wineries in this region, which is known for its fresh produce – organically grown vegetables and fruit, freshwater trout, salmon and caviar, and handmade cheeses.

Australian sparkling wines
If you enjoy sparkling wines, then your wine destination should be Yarra Valley in Victoria,
which produces high quality wines, including sparkling wines. (Image by

Barossa Valley

First settled by European immigrants in 1842, Barossa Valley still manages to retain its Victorian charm. There are about 150 cellar doors and wineries in one of the finest and oldest Australian wine producing regions. Besides Barossa Valley’s top restaurants and fresh organic seasonal produce, you can relish going on a motorcycle, car, hot air balloon or helicopter ride.

Barossa Valley vineyards in South Australia
Jacob's Creek is one of the best known wineries located in Barossa Valley, in South Australia's wine region, located some 60 km from its capital Adelaide. (Image by

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