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Best Christmas Towns in New Jersey

Visit these charming towns at Christmas time
to experience a true fairytale and keep the holiday spirit alive

Snowman and Christmas decoration on the street

After the 2020 events, we all deserve a break. Respecting the current measures,
take a road trip to New Jersey, where you will find charming towns
and Christmas spirit being alive, despite everything that has happened.

New Jersey has some outstanding, charming cities that really shine in the wintertime and look just like a fairytale. Sparkling Christmas lights, cheerful carolers singing, and the ringing of sleigh bells; what more can you wish for? This year is specific for so many reasons, and after all the struggles we've gone through, we deserve a little fun and winter magic. There are Christmas towns in NJ that are trying to keep the holiday spirit alive despite everything while also respecting social distancing measures. Put on some warm clothes and be ready for an awesome road trip while driving to one of the amazing cities that we'll suggest in this article.

Cape May wonderland

This seaside summer resort is actually ideal for visiting in the holiday season. Victorian houses with stunning garlands and wreaths are becoming more gorgeous as holidays approach and snow starts to fall. Holiday lights and decorations are, of course, not all you can find here. Solve a mystery at Lamplighter walking tour, enjoy trolley rides with Mrs. Claus, have contactless breakfast with Santa, hop on the Santa express train ride - all of that and a lot more is waiting for you in Cape May.


Downtown Cranford and unique Christmas trees are ready to amaze you and make your trip memorable. Try Gnome for the holiday's scavenger hunt if you're up for some adventures. Local shops and restaurants will offer you a wide choice of take-out delights, like gingerbread and cupcakes with Christmas decorations on them. Children adore them, and they are also great as a gift.

Happy woman gazing at street lighting.
Shiny Christmas lights, cheerful carolers, and the ringing of sleigh bells
produce magic in Christmas towns in New Jersey.

Morristown magic

If you want to visit Santa while respecting physical distancing measures at the same time, you can do it right here in Morristown. Each weekend in 17 North Park Place, you can pay a visit to Santa, talking through a window. Also, while here, remember to stop by Santa's mailbox on the Green and drop of children's letters. Unwind with some holiday shopping and choose fine treats at the Morris Museum's Winter Market.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is really a winter wonderland. Take a picture near some of the 18 beautifully decorated Christmas trees in the city center. Also, make sure to take a selfie in one of the selfie stations located in a few places in the city center. On selected dates, you can check out frozen works of art at the Live Chainsaw Ice Sculpting or catch performances by local artists and musicians outside the downtown eateries. When you feel tired from strolling around and shooting photos, visit a few local shops and choose one of the restaurants to reward yourself. Grab a takeaway gourmet dish and enjoy it later in the comfort of your home.

Explore Summit - one of the best Christmas towns in NJ

Summit traditionally holds holiday spirit and welcomes visitors in its streets, shops, and restaurants. There are 80 hidden elves throughout downtown, so if you manage to spot them, you'll have a chance to win a special prize. You can also take a carriage ride, with joyful holiday music through the city center, each Saturday. On Sundays, you can find delicious fresh food at Summit's farmers' market, along with many holiday stuff.

The first time you visit Summit, it will amaze you. It has the charm of a quaint village, but at the same time, it has all the amenities you need for a comfortable life. And, who knows, maybe you even decide to move to Summit if the opportunity arises. You can settle down here without any stress because the pace of life is slower, easier, and more relaxed than big and bustling US cities. In recent years, many who came here can confirm what an easy transition they had and how more pleasant their life has been from that moment on.

Gazebo with Christmas decoration
Small New Jersey towns have all the amenities you and your family need
for a comfortable life and cheerful holidays.

South Orange-Maplewood

Local neighborhood shops and outdoor holiday markets make an ideal setting for holiday spirit and, of course, shopping. Dickens Village is a tradition in Maplewood, but this year will be just a little bit different due to physical distancing. Remember, the key is to have fun, but primarily to stay healthy while traveling.

Get to know Princeton

This college town can offer you a lot of fun in wintertime, and there are so many reasons why Princeton is always named one of the best Christmas towns in NJ. Each weekend, you can enjoy Palmer Square Holiday entertainment downtown, with carolers and Strolling Santa nearby. There is also ice-skating, on the Square, for those who love ice activities. While here, be sure to take a photo in front of a breathtaking 70 foot Palmer Square Christmas tree that lights up every evening. When in Princeton, you can also visit Kale's Garden Center and enjoy holiday displays throughout the spectacular greenhouse.

Princeton is not only a beautiful town to visit in the winter months but also a lovely place to live. If you have a chance to move to New Jersey and can't decide on the right place for you, consider Princeton, which ranks each year as one of the best places to live in NJ. For a smooth relocation in each of NJ cities, you can make a consultation with, as they've shown to be a trusted and reliable company, and helped many people start a new life here. If you're unsure how much a relocation would cost or have any other concerns, they can address your questions.

The whole situation with coronavirus this year helped us define our priorities. Many people already decided that moving into a calmer and smaller city has many benefits.

Christmas lights at night in the city
Named one of the best Christmas towns in New Jersey,
Princeton is worth a visit and it's especially charming in the winter months.

Red Bank's charm

Plenty of downtown arts and antique districts are waiting for you to explore them. If that doesn't sound sufficient, there is also a seasonal scavenger hunt happening right here, and finding the Red Bank Elf may prove very interesting. Walk the streets listening to Holiday Harmonies. Throughout the city center, you'll hear joyful carolers, handbells, and jazz musicians, while visiting charming small shops and buying a few souvenirs or sweets.


Each one of these Christmas towns in NJ is worth a visit, and there is something for everyone, from safe outdoor activities and entertainment that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car and so much more. This year's events limited so many aspects of our life, so at least at the end of the year, we all deserve a little bit of cheer. If you decide to visit any of these cities, do take proper precautions. We all know that travel broadens the mind and heals it, but be sure you are doing all you can to stay safe so that this Christmas can be as joyful as those before. We wish you happy holidays and a great time in New Jersey!

Photos used: by Pixabay

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