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Guides to some of the best
holiday destinations in Brazil

When you think of Brazil, what comes to mind is Rio de Janeiro, colourful carnivals, samba, Ipanema, Copacabana, beautiful beaches and of course the world's most popular game of football, or soccer, as it's known in some parts of the world.

  Brazil's destinations

Rio De Janeiro

Charming Rio De Janeiro

Rio is without a doubt one of the best known travel destinations in Brazil. This lively city offers unique charm and charisma. Some of its best known landmarks include the imposing Christ the Redeemer statue, hot Rio carnival, the Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara Bay, and famous Copacabana Beach.

Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza City Brazil

Some of the best beaches in Brazil can be found at Fortaleza - Brazil's north east city and one of the greatest tourist centers in the country. This modern city of 3 millions of people offers perfect temperatures for most of the year, cajoling you to lounge on its beaches, or enjoy a swim in its warm ocean waters.

Olinda Brazil

Olinda Colonial City

For Brazil lovers, here's another spectacular and colourful location to put on your vacation schedule. Only four miles further noth from Recife is Olinda - one of Brazil's most beautiful colonial coastal cities, known for the most authentic Carnival in Brazil.

Things to Do in Brazil

Things to Do in Brazil

It's a rare destination that could possibly delight all types of travellers. Brazil is home to lively cities, colonial towns, natural wonders, and entertaining street life. So, whether you are an outdoor person, a history buff, or a nature explorer, you will find plenty of interesting things to do in Brazil.

The host of the FIFA World Cup in June 2014, Brazil is a country of contrasting cultures and topographies. This exciting Latin American holiday destination has a rich cultural heritage, some of the most scenic beaches, and a lively and colourful South American rhythm.

The variety of what Brazil offers to even the most discerning travellers is amazing. Colourful street parades, exciting carnivals, Latin American music, beautiful beaches, great colonial cities, luxurious hotels, sunny skies, passion for life, and much more.

Brazil's old colonial towns

Whether you enjoy colonial towns old historical centers, or its gleaming new town highrises and sizzling nightlife, or prefer the quieter sections of palmed white-sand beaches, you will find Brazilian old towns exciting places to visit.

Some of old colonial towns have been placed under UNESCO protection for their cultural and historical value, such as Olinda town. This town is perched along the shore, offering colourful architecture, great Brazilian restaurants, and fantastic views.

Beach scene, Rio de Janeiro
Rio beaches are well known for their colourful Brazilian atmospehere,
which includes kite surfing and much more.