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Top Tips to Fine Dine in London
on a Shoe-String Budget

Where to go dining in London on a budget

If you ever visit London, the first thing that you’ll notice straight away is how diverse the city is. There are a range of cultures and ethnicities that circulate the city regularly. This is also easily reflected in the cuisine options that are available in the ‘capital of food’.

Cup of coffee on a table, with a city view
Although London is a pricey city, you can still do some fine dining on a shoestring
budget, if you know where to look for.
 (Picture: Bilal El-Daou via Pixabay)

Due to the different people that live in the city, there are plenty of food choices when it comes to dining in London. Unfortunately, the dining also comes with a price. It can be considered rather pricey to eat out in London, so if you’re looking to fine dine without having fork out too much money then here are a selection of top restaurants that offer great food at fantastic prices.

St John

If you’re looking for succulent cuts of meat, St John’s offers some of the finest cuts which you can get for under a tenner. What may seem like ordinary pieces of meat are served incredibly in this restaurant that also offers a great selection of wine and plenty of other fine range dishes on the menu. Just be wary that the wine is a bit pricey so as long as you don’t fork out on that, you should be well in budget.

Pollen Street Social

A contemporary British bar based in Carnaby, Pollen Street Social is gives you the full michelin experience without the need for high prices. The interior is extremely modern and slick which compliments the innovative and delicious food perfectly. Head in there during lunch and you’ll be able to devour 3 courses for L37 which is fantastic value.


If you feel that 3 courses won’t fill you up, then why not try 5 of them for about L50 at Lyle’s? For roughly L10 a course, it’s definitely considered one of the best for value restaurants in the city. Best of all, it’s based right in the middle of Shoreditch so you’ll have the atmosphere to go with the food too!

Sushi food on plates
There are many good restaurants in London that offer great food at fantastic prices,
that won't break your budget.
 (Picture: Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash)


StreetXO is more well known due to its relation with the famous 3-star sister restaurant, DiverXO based in Madrid. Each of the franchises are headed by renowned chef David Munoz and is considered one of the most ‘out-there’ restaurants to say the least. The range of dishes are rather unique which makes the michelin star cuisine totally worth it (even though it isn’t actually considered a michelin star restaurant). Prices are easily affordable which makes it an experience worth trying.

Considering the options of cuisines available, you shouldn’t have to worry about the prices to be able to enjoy wonderful food. In this list, you’ll be able to do that which means you can save going on your latest mobile app to locate London restaurant deals and tuck into the options provided in this list. Even in London, it’s still worth the price when you go to visit.

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