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Top 5 Weekend Driving
Destinations in India

Experience driving holidays in India

India is a very popular country in Asia with plenty of mountains, animals and rivers to see. Having this in mind, the country is a great tourist destination. For the better part of every year, temperatures are very high. As long as you select a good season, it is possible to enjoy a vacation or a visit to this great Asian nation.

Here are five amazing driving destinations in India that can bring nothing but fun and pleasure. When you are looking for driving holidays in India, consider one of these 5 popular destinations.


Madurai is one of the exciting driving destinations located in the southern part of India. It has amazing roads for those who are looking for a tough driving experience. On top of this, holiday enthusiasts can also enjoy the beautiful parks, amazing wildlife, spice plantations and the peaceful backwaters. It gives nothing but abject pleasure to drive through the streets of Madurai. A driving experience in Madurai offers a balance of excursions and a chance to enjoy the amazing scenery of the country. If you do not want to drive, there are plenty of buses, trains, bicycles and tuktuks that provide convenient travel means. It is definitely a driving experience that will bring you closer to the locals in India and make you discover more.

Street in Bangalore
View of a tree-lined street in Bangalore, one of great weekend driving holiday
destinations in India.

Bangalore to Mysore

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. It is a good place where you can drive and explore at your own pace. Notable places to explore include the Bull temple, Cubbon Park and the Bangalore fort. A good driving experience is on the Bangalore to Mysore. The journey accords you the chance to see magnificent palaces, imposing buildings, temples and attractive avenues. After a tiresome trip, a stay at the Mysore hotel is not a bad idea.


This is exactly what those people who love nature will be looking for if they want an unmatchable experience on their driving holiday in India. The roads have very good networks which connect the destination with the major cities. It will take you very short time from Delhi driving to this great destination. Any time from March to June is ideal for visiting as you enjoy mountaineering and fishing. In addition, those who love boating and trekking will have fun of their life time.

Road bridge in India
India is a great holiday destination, where you can go on driving holidays to experience great variety of sights the country offers.


This is another great destination if you want to experience an enjoyable cool summer. It is surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains with spectacular view. Great roads will complete your quench for weekend drive out. When you get there, it is always advisable to secure a good parking for your car as most of the places are best toured footing.


Mountains that are snowy, great rivers and pinewoods that are very dense welcome you to this elegant destination. It has very high mountains that presents very good environment for mountaineering and those who love trekking are also not left behind. The resorts here are situated in places where you can relax by enjoying fresh air that comes from the mountains after a rough trip on the roads. The roads are also well connected and those who want to explore the good sites can comfortably use their cars.

It is always advisable before you embark on a good weekend drive to any of these destinations in India to prepare your car well. This can be achieved by servicing it well and making sure that everything is in place. By so doing, you will have the safest trip on any road and this guarantees you fun all the way.

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