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The Himalayas – how you can best experience
the world’s greatest mountain range?

Do some planning before you go on your Himalayan adventure

The world's tallest mountain range has drawn wanna-be climbers and enthusiastic mountaineers for as long as we can remember. The name of the mountain chain comes from the Nepali word "himal" which translates to "mountain." First discovered by Sir George Everest in 1865, people have been climbing on, and even dying on its slopes ever since. Over the years new trails have been discovered, and some are not as challenging as you might be tempted to believe.

Home to the iconic Mount Everest, the Himalayan mountain range is not the kind of place you want to explore unprepared. Inclement, freezing weather on the mountains, coupled with an unfamiliar language and culture for most people make planning essential for those planning for an adventurous Himalayan vacation.

Himalayan mountains in clouds

Don’t mess with the Himalayas!

That's not to say that only serious, hardcore or professional mountain climbers need apply. There's something for almost everyone in this magical region of the world, fun stuff you don't have to scale the peaks of Everest to enjoy. For beginners, there are plenty of less-dangerous trails, and plenty of tour guides in the nearby towns to ensure that you'll find somewhere to go hiking and enjoy the views of those mile-high mountains you just can't picture yourself actually climbing.

Find the fun and stick with it

Let's start with the most general. There are four main countries you'll want to explore in the Himalayas: India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the former Tibet. These are the places that contain the vast majority of the Himalayan mountain range. Each has its own distinct character, and different mountains within its borders.

If you're a first-time - and it's probable that you are if you're reading this - then you'll want to spend more time in the beautiful country of Nepal. It is considered the safest and easiest country travel through from the four we mentioned. There’s excellent infrastructure, astounding places of interest and attractions, and a host of friendly natives waiting to tell you more about their customs and traditions.

Another country worth checking out while exploring the Himalayas is India; which also offers some excellent mountain hiking and sightseeing opportunities. Among some of the best things you can do while here we should mention: visiting Leh Palace, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kaziranga National Park where you can admire beautiful rhinoceroses and superb flora. Bhutan however, is for professional. It offers the most difficult hiking trails and is definitely not recommended for beginners. Last but not least we have Tibet, a beautiful wild territory with lots of mountain peaks and off-the-beaten-path territories to explore.

Buddhist monks

Where to stay in the Himalayas

Tea houses, cottages, bungalows and camps are spread all over the Himalayas. Most accommodation facilities are run by the locals, so they’ll definitely know how to make you feel as comfortable as possible. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new cultures and get a glimpse of their daily nomad lifestyle. A tea house is an ideal environment for mountaineers. It will offer you the opportunity to relax and recharge in a safe and warm environment with people who know ancestrally how to live at high altitudes and in cold temperatures.

However, if you’re seeking for an exclusive Himalayan lodging place you should know that there a couple of luxury hotels too. Most luxury hotels in the Himalayas are positioned near main cities and metropolitan area. Himachal Pradesh in India for example, boasts with numerous top-notch accommodation facilities for honeymooners and travelers just looking to relax and spend a rejuvenating holiday on Asian territory.

Villagers at work in the Himalayas

Whether it's Everest or a stroll through the foothills, the Himalayas have what you're looking for. There are only few places on Earth that are just as beautiful, so if you have an opportunity to explore such rugged and wild territory, do it. You'll never forgive yourself if you don't make the time, someday, to go and see the most surreal (and tallest) mountain range on the planet.

Go pack your bags and head over to the world’s most adventurous and diversified territories in the world. Exploring the Himalayas is a one-time chance to explore nature from a whole different perspective, so you’d better make the most of it!

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