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Fiji Islands Destination

Visit this South Pacific Island Paradise

Fiji is considered to be a colorful crossroads in the South Pacific. It's one of the most popular holiday and travel destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, known the world over as a great tropical holiday destination. It's a true South Pacific holiday paradise.

A mix of cultures

It consists of 322 islands and over one hundred of these are inhabited by a mix of cultures including Melanesians, East Indians, Micronesians, Polynesians, Chinese and Europeans. Each of these cultures have their own unique culture as well as their own cuisine.

Fiji offers a wide range of hotels and resorts, many of which can be found online. They provide you with excellent accommodations as well as great food and nightlife. Additionally, many of the Fiji resorts and hotels can assist you in locating activitiies on the islands.

A tropical beach with palms and a single red beach umbrella
Enjoy tropical bliss on Fiji islands' beaches - this particular beach is on the island
in Fiji where the film Castaway, with Tom Hanks, was shot.

Holiday Activities in Fiji

Numerous activities are available for visitors to Fiji including:

  • Hiking 
  • Camping 
  • Surfing 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Scuba diving 
  • Kayaking and more. 

It's easy to travel in and around Fiji islands as well. You can go island hopping in small planes, catamarans, copra boats, outboard canoes, open sided buses and air conditioned buses. Best of all, the area is very visitor friendly and un-crowded, which means that much of what you'll enjoy on the islands is very affordably priced. You'll also enjoy that many of the residents have an excellent command of the English language.

Weather in Fiji

The weather in Fiji is generally pleasant. However, there are seasonal differences that can influence when you decide to travel there. For most Americans, the prime time to go to Fiji is from May to August. The Christmas season is busy, but from February to March, you'll find special discounted rates at most hotels and resorts. The hotter and more humid time of the year is from November to April. The cooler time to visit is during May to October. They islands do have a hurricane season, but it is only a few days a year.

Kuata Island, from Yasawa group of islands in Fiji
An aerial view of Fiji's Kuata island, home to popular Kuata Resort
located directly on the beach.

Flora and Fauna in Fiji

The flora and fauna of the Fiji islands are also one of the many reasons people visit this area of the South Pacific. The patterns of rainfall on the islands provide for a variety of different types of vegetation with the wetter sides of the higher islands being heavily forested, with thickets of bamboo and scrub.

Approximately 40% of Fiji's land area is covered in natural forests as well. There are also 70 species of land birds in the area. The islands also have three species of sea turtles that nest on the islands. The nesting occurs between November and February, at night when the tide is high and the moon is full.

Fiji Location

The Fiji Islands are located between North America and Australia. They share a time zone with New Zealand, which GMT plus 12 hours. Fiji is the hub for South Pacific flights and most tickets from North America to Australia and New Zealand provide free stops in Fiji.

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