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Shopaholic much?
Top 6 reasons you must visit
Goa's Anjuna Flea Market

What can you find and do at Goa Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Goa, the fun capital of the country, is a paradisiacal destination for all especially those who love beaches. When we think of Goa, the two things that come to our mind are relaxing on the beach side and having a ball at the effervescent night parties.

But if the shopaholic in you is feeling restless, a visit to the amazing Anjuna flea market is highly recommended. Anjuna’s weekly Wednesday flea market is a must-visit for all those who wish to witness a real Goan experience and want to take back home some amazing goodies.

Shop for beautiful tribal, ethnic pieces at Anjuna Flea Market
The colourful beach flea market In India offers a wide range
of beautiful tribal and ethnic pieces.

All About the Market

From funky jewellery to antique souvenirs, from electric appliances to rich spices, you will find anything under the sun at this place. The Anjuna Flea Market is loaded with products and is a favourite destination for shopaholics. This colorful Indian Bazaar is remnant of the days when North Goa was ruled by the hippies. It opens every Wednesday between the months of October to April, which is the peak season.

Though there are hundreds of reasons why you should visit this market, but here are the 6 main reasons worth mentioning --

Jazz up your wardrobe

Jazz up on your wardrobe
While you on the flea market, it's time to jazz up your wardrobe with some funky and colourful stuff.

Do you love wearing those funky T-shirts with cool artwork or Gods painted over them in neon shades and wondering where to buy them from?

Well, this is the best place to purchase such funky T-shirts, shorts and a lot of other jazzy stuff. Be it jackets, scarves, sunglasses or bags, you are always spoilt for choice at this market.

Also, for those who love adorning accessories, this market is where you get the most stylish tribal jewellery.

Get a tattoo or try hair braiding

Getting a tattoo in Goa is not a big deal, but finding a reliable tattoo artist to do the job is definitely a big deal. This is the place where you will find some amazing tattoo artists who will help you get that dream design done. Also, if you are not interested in getting inked, try out hair braiding for that cool Bohemian look. It just takes about 15-20 mins to braid normal length of hair.

Beautify yourself with some body art at Goa's Anjuna Flea Market
There are some amazing tatoo artists to be found at Anjuna Flea Market,
so why not get a dream design tatoo while you're there!?

Explore the beautiful Tibetan Market

One of the most beautiful parts of Anjuna Flea Market is its Tibetan Market. Walking through the beautiful shops decorated with silverware, the sight of different kinds of jewellery and metal decoratives is a sheer delight. Now, this is the place where you put your bargaining skills to test. To start with, give a shocked reaction to whatever price is quoted by the shopkeeper and make your way through an amazing deal. The jewellery you find here, there are fewer chances that you will find it anywhere else. So, grab the opportunity and buy yourself some amazing stuff.

Gorge on Goan food

If you love food as much as you love shopping, this place is going to make you really happy. Though there are no food options in the middle of the market, but once you reach the end, there are a number of authentic Goan cuisine shacks and stalls. Tickle your taste buds with the sumptuous servings that come fresh from the sea. Also, don’t forget to taste the local drink called Feni.

Indulge in some tasty Goan food
There's no doubt that shopping at the market will give your some hunger pangs,
which can be dully satisfied by indulging in tasty Goan food.

For the love of music

Spend on trance music EDM and CDs
Music market at Anjuna's flea market

Listening to trance music while shopping makes the entire experience even more enjoyable. Shops selling EDM or trance music CDs can be spotted everywhere in the market.

Also, if you are interested, sellers can give you an introduction to the music they are selling. In the evening, spend some time at the beach shacks and bars that play amazing live music.

Buy Goan tea flavours

Try different Goan tea flavours
You can buy different tea flavours at Goa's Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market is most famous for Goan Tea, which comes in a number of mind-blowing flavours including chocolate, mango, banana, vanilla, jasmine and Pineapple.

Other than this, spices like black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, chillies and coriander are among the major spices grown in Goa and are worth a buy.

You may not be able to take the beach and the vibrant nightlife along, but you can definitely take the rich Goan flavours with you.

Some important tips:

  • The market opens at 8:00 am until 7:00 in the evening.
  • The market is located at the far south end of Anjuna Beach
  • It’s open only during the peak season.
  • Best way to commute in Goa is by hiring a scooty
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to bargain ;)

If you are staying in Bengaluru and want to see Goa’s Anjuna Flea Market, then you can book Bengaluru to Goa flights through You can compare the prices of various airlines and choose the best deals.

Visiting Anjuna Flea Market gives you an amazing Goan feel, which you must experience. Now, shop till you drop!

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