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Regarded by many as the classic
holiday and travel destination in Europe!

Classic Holiday Destination in Europe

One of the oldest and best established tourist destinations, not only in the Mediterranean but also in the world, Greece has held a "magnetic" attraction for visitors from around the world for many decades. Who hasn't dreamed of a Greek islands holiday or a honeymoon on Greek islands!? Greek islands could be called 'the Caribbean of Europe', and vice versa.

But apart from the islands' beauty, it is also Greece's rich culture and archeological heritage that attract millions of visitors annually to just about every corner of Greece. Very few people haven't heard of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, and many other Greek's historical monuments. There's plenty to explore on your Greece holiday or your travel around Greece!

Greece Travel

Greece cultural heritage
Poseidon Temple in Greece
Considering the aeons of history and beginnings of most of the scientific world as we take for granted today, Greece has much to offer the visitor. A country with considerable diversity, from mountain villages to island harbour towns; the true and original "metropolis" of Athens, through to many historical sites that are pivotal to the cradle of our modern civilization. All this makes Greece travel a must!

The Greek people are very accommodating and have a special enjoyment of life interwoven with excellent Mediterranean cuisine, fresh air and sunshine on the many thousands of kilometres of coastline combined with a rich traditional culture and folklore.

Holidaymakers have been travelling to Greece for decades, and the long Spring & Summer season has attracted visitors from most corners of the globe, each and every year. With pleasant warm weather already settled in from early March, one can enjoy the earlier Spring season, full with flowers and wild herbs, many weeks earlier than in the northern parts of Europe!

In the more southern locations of Greece such as Crete, Santorini and Rhodes, late Winter escapades with the possibility of sunbathing and even swimming on near empty beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, has become quite popular with the savvy holiday maker.

Greece is great for shopping and dining as well. While travelling you can enjoy diverse shops and restaurants throughout the country. Pick up souvenir custom Greek t-shirts or grab an authentic Greek dinner while visiting.

Greece hotels info

We have selected a few superb properties that are worthy of such Winter Escapades, based on "Deluxe" and "Premium Deluxe" hotels in some of the most desired locations, and yet at that time of year, on offer for as little as half the price of the high Summer Season prices! In a heart beat the Winter prices offer a taste of luxury affordable by nearly everyone. Combined with the lower costs, one can also enjoy more of the traditional culture and scenery without the hustle and bustle of the high season, overcrowded, noisy, party mentality.

Of course if the high season and hotter weather is more desired, then you will still find the best prices possible for those same accommodation properties. We provide a short list of Greece hotels in Athens and on Greek islands for you to choose before your Greece holiday.

The city of Athens is understandably worth a visit, especially the ancient sites in and around the metropolis, with accommodation prices being more expensive in the Winter and surprisingly cheaper in the Summer!

Greece Articles

  • Admired Greece - Known as the craddle of the western civilization, Greece has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons of its national debt. But it's only a glitch that doesn't take away Greece's popularity as one of the best known holiday destinations, especially known and admired for its historical and cultural significance and democracy contributions. 
  • Athens Greece - The capital city and gateway to Greece, Athens is bustling with energy, which you will notice the moment you arrive. Roads are packed, taxi drivers are nuts, shoppers spill off the sidewalk. But in amongst that chaos you will find peaceful places, such as the archeological sites around Athens. 
  • Athens Hotels - Best known for its historical monuments, Athens provides 21st century comfort in many of its hotels. Five-star Hotel Park is in the centre of Athens, close to the National Archeological Museum, while 4-star Hotel Zafolia is in Athens business district. 
  • Greece Activities - As one of the most fascinating countries to visit, Greece is a land of mysteries, mythologies, and tales of man's ancient past. But there's much more to Greece than its archeological sites. Biking, cycling and yachting are just a few of activities that you can enjoy on your Greece holiday. 
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  • Greece Historical Sites - With historical sites in abundance, it can be sometime difficult to decide where to go and what Greece's historical sites to visit. For something different, go to Mykonos island and visit Tholos tomb with stone dome. Or go to Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. You can also visit Meteora monasteries, the famous Delphi Museum, or go to Rhodes Island known as island of light. 
  • Mike's Hotel & Apartments - Located just outside of Chania, in the coastal village of Maleme, Mike Hotel Apartments feature swimming pool with the pool bar, palm trees, gardens, and their own restaurant with organically grown produce.