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Greece Activities

Discover True Greece Through Outdoor Activities in Greece

Greece is a land of mysteries, mythologies, and tales of man's ancient past. Over the last three millenniums, Greece garnered immense developments in human endeavours, making it one of the most fascinating countries to visit. It is known for having had a thriving economy, magnificent beaches, some truly world class Greek hotels and an unparalleled hospitality to offer, since graduating to be a modern European state. Travelers flock to its landscape, to listen to its 3000 years old account and be a witness of its past glory.


But there's much more to Greece than visiting its archeological sites. There are plenty of other Greece activities that will reveal to you some magnificent parts of Greece. Let's discover some of these outdoor Greece activities, from the most obvious to the lesser known.

Archeological Sites

Visiting Greece’s archeological sites is a key way of holidaying in Europe. However, it could be further enhanced by undertaking additional outdoor activities like biking, camping and sailing through various Greek islands. There can not be a better way than spending more time in the Greek countryside to get to know more about its culture heritage and life. Greek tourism has taken a good note of this aspect and accordingly worked out plans to provide you with several additional outdoor activities apart from extending an access to world-class Greek hotels and beaches.

Biking and Cycling

South Greece
House in southern Greece

To truly explore Greece for an unforgetable holiday adventure, undertake one of the many outdoor Greece activities, to soak in numerous sights that Greek countryside offers.

Cycling and biking across Greek mountains and countryside is yet another way of enhancing one’s experience of holidaying in Greece. As Greek hotel and tour operators don't offer much help here, one should look for online resources instead.

Some biking and cycling enthusiasts will extend guidance and logistic support, to help you carry out your biking expeditions. They will lead you into areas deep inside the Greek countryside and will help you bike through some very unorthodox routes. You will be able to have a close look at Greek countryside as you move on.

Trekking Adventures

Camping, hiking and trekking across scenic islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Tinos and Naxos is a popular activity in Greece these days. Steep rocks and natural environment make these trekking expeditions fun and excitement. Greek hotels and tour operators often help you plan out these trekking adventures according to your needs. Vans and mini buses are pressed into service to ferry up people to rocky mountains where they are able to climb up steep slopes under watchful eyes. Such 7 to 14 day long camps can cost anything from $1000 to $2500 per candidate.

Yachting Journeys

As an alternative, one should try undertaking a yacht journeys, by sailing through scenic Greek islands. These trips may last up to three weeks and may cover many historic towns and scenic spots as they move from one to another tourist destination. There are several routes that one could choose to have their vacations planned. Greek hotels, in conjunction with major tour operators, will offer to arrange such yacht journeys for you. Travelers can take part in hiking, snorkeling, and carry on doing similar other stuff while being part of such tours. Exploration of various heritage sites and visiting taverna-lined harbors will also be part of your fun and relaxation!

These are just some of outdoor Greece activities that will help you explore Greece. For even more Greek holiday adventure, check other online sources or your favourite tour operator.

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