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The Ultimate Guide to Bora Bora

Romantic island destination in French Polynesia

As touristic centerpiece of impressive French Polynesian archipelago, situated halfway between American and Asian continent in South Pacific and less than 300km from Papeete, Bora Bora stands out as true reflection of what’s believed to be a dreamy destination. With powdery coasts soaked into turquoise lagoons, natural coral barriers and lush island interior featuring two extinct sky-touching volcanoes, Bora Bora presents natural sceneries at its best, and as such, unique place on the Earth to visit.

This is the guide for everyone who has chosen Bora Bora island as ideal tropical destination in the South Pacific.

Aerial view of Bora Bora island, French Polynesia
White-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, coral barriers and lush interior make
Bora Bora island one of the most scenic holiday and travel destinations in the world.


The climate on Bora Bora is tropical year-round, and it’s accompanied with wet and dry season, each one lasting for approximately 6 months.

Wet season, which start in November and ends in April is actually summertime, but it features excessive rainfall, storms and great humidity, which is why that’s not recommendable time for visiting. Best time for tourists is from May to October, when temperature reaches ideal level of 30 degrees C and rains are sparse.

Bora Bora island bungalows over water
Being in the Southern Hemisphere, where annual seasons are the opposite
of those in the Northern Hemipshere, best time to visit Bora Bora is from May
to October, during its wintertime.

Specific Polynesian cuisine

As national dish of French Polynesia, poison cru (French words for raw fish), which actually contains tuna fish marinated with lemon juice and coconut milk, is the first tasty meal you should try on Bora Bora.

To feel the real tastes of French Polynesia, order “The trio”, best Tahitian fish packed with recognizable local aromas- vanilla, lime and curry.

Local woman serving breakfast at Bora Bora
When you stay at Bora Bora resorts, you will enjoy the local Polynesian cuisine,
such as Tahitian fish made with local aromas.

Things to do:

Here are some of interesting things to do on your holiday in Bora Bora:

Stay in overwater bungalow

Lovely reedy-roofed huts perched above azure lagoons, with comfy side terraces and deluxe interior are Bora Bora island’s trademarks, since this is the place where overwater bungalows were firstly built, in 1970.

Most of Tahiti hotels on tiny isles abound with paradisiacal resorts populated with iconic overwater bungalows, where you can expect first class service, including exotic meals brought to you by amazing canoes, all-day soaking into ever-present warm lagoon and tropical fish-watching through bungalows’ glass floor.

Intercontinental Resort and Spa overwater bungalows
Overwater bungalows are popular holiday accommodation choice
in these French Polynesian islands.

Horseback ride

Apart from leisurely idling on Bora Bora’s sparkling beaches, you can explore this heavenly seaside territory by taking a horseback ride across spatial coastal areas.

Most of Bora Bora’s islets have ranches populated with famous horse breed, including popular Ranch Reva Reva on Motu Piti Aau, where you can book romantic midnight rides along powdery beach.

Polynesian man and woman horseback riding on beach
One of the ways to explore this tropical island paradise's seaside
is by taking a horseback ride on a beach.

Snorkeling and kayaking

You can soak into natural aquarium populated with turtles and parrot fish, or try guided snorkeling through stunning coral gardens of Motu Roa to encounter sharks.

Kayaking is ideal way to introduce colorfulness of Matira Beach’s tropic life, but also to go around the island and discover secluded motu coasts and caves.

Snorkelling with blue fish at Bora Bora
Beautiful coral gardens and underwater marine life make snorkelling
is one of "must-do" activities at Bora Bora islands.

Try and watch local dance

Most Bora Bora resorts host fabulous Polynesian dance spectacles, where exotically dressed locals dance in the sensual rhythms of drums, so you can admire truly impressive dancing skills and meet rich Polynesian culture.

Exotic melody and moves are pretty captivating, so you can even join to local dancers and learn seductive hips movements.

Tourists watching Tahiti dancers performance
When you are in the mood for a more passive holiday enjoyment,
attend one of fabulous local Polynesian dance spectacles.

Visit pearl farms

French Polynesia is cradle of fascinating black pearls. Apart from hopping to nearby pearl farm in Matira to discover brilliant lagoon jewels and witness exciting pearls’ harvesting, you can go to Bora Bora’s largest city, Vaitape and buy amazing pearl jewelry.

Man holding a black pearl in hand
For something different and unique on your holiday, visit the black pearl farm
in Matira, or buy pearl jewelry in Bora Bora's capital.

Come to honeymoon or organize local wedding

Unspoiled beauty of surrounding lagoons and dozens of pristine islets are the reasons why Bora Bora is called “Romantic island”, so if you’re freshly married or about to tie the knot, spend time in serene private bungalows, have relish time in two within secluded motu or organize truly exotic beach wedding.

Beach wedding at Bora Bora island, local sea resort bungalows
Another way to experience the spectacular beauty of French Polynesia is to
tie the knot or spend your honeymoon in this truly amazing tropical destination.

Now when you’ve get info on which beauties and activities Bora Bora island offers, it’s time to pack your suitcases and come here to reveal magical island world.

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