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Top 6 historical places to visit in Scandinavia

Discover Scandinavia's popular holiday attractions
with Viking history

Scandinavia is made up of three different kingdoms – Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It has a rich cultural heritage and is a breathtaking area to visit with huge ice glaciers and impressive fjords. It is also known as the home of the Vikings. Despite only being present between the 8th and 11th centuries the Vikings managed to leave a remarkable amount of history behind.

If you’re an avid traveler with a weakness for historical places and beautiful, cultural edifices, then you should check out these fascinating 6 Scandinavian attractions.

On old Viking ship

The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is located in Oslo. It has one Oseberg ship dating from the year 800. The ship was discovered in a burial mound near Oslo and is just over 21 meters long and 5 meters wide. It is a testimony to the ingenuity of the Vikings and confirms their ability to travel vast distances over sea. There are many other Viking items in the museum, so if you happen to be in Oslo this summer season, make sure to check it out.

Lofotr Viking Museum in Vestvagoy

The Lofotr Viking Museum is a located inside Norway’s Arctic Circle on one of the Lofoten Islands. The island is home to a replica chieftain Viking village and is also the site of the remains of a Viking longhouse. The longhouse is an impressive 83 meters long and 9 meters high, the largest Viking building ever discovered. In the summer it is even possible to row around in the ships and partake in other traditional Viking activities.

Ribe in Denmark

Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and dates from the early 8th century. The town remains complete although has very few residents and is now more of a tourist attraction. There are an abundance of historic buildings, a cathedral and Denmark’s oldest town hall. All of which transport you back in time to another era. An additional attraction is the Viking museum which comes complete with warrior training for children.

Ribe town in Denmark

Stiklestad National Culture Centre, Nord-Trondelag

The Stiklestad National Culture Centre has a variety of authentic Scandinavian and Viking experiences which can be sampled every day in the summer. It guarantees fun and learning for everyone. It is also home to the yearly St. Olav Festival which has a medieval market, concerts, art exhibitions and theatre performances. It attracts tens of thousands of people every year and is home to the yearly production of St. Olav Drama. This play that has been running since 1954 and it is performed in the largest open air theatre in Scandinavia.

Viking Valley Market, Gudvangen, Norway

On the banks of the Naeroyfjord there sits a tiny village called Gudvangen. For the last ten plus years it has been offering a taste of the Viking Life with weekly Viking markets. There are a variety of attractions to sample including rowing a Viking longboat, investigating Viking tents or even tasting some authentic Viking food. It is also possible to watch the villagers make a variety of things using traditional handicraft skills.

Town church in Scandinavia

Gamla Uppsala, Sweden

Gamla Uppsala is an ancient burial mound which has many hundreds of graves. It is thought to date back as far as the 6th century and has three particularly large burial mounds which are known as the royal mounds. The area has been associated with the Iron Age and the Vikings and is thought to have held a great deal of symbolism for both these cultures – religious and political.

The exact history of the mounds is unclear but it is believed that many of the earliest Kings of Sweden are tied to and possibly buried here. It is one of the most important ancient sites in Sweden and is well worth a visit. Visitors are free to explore the mounds and to study the artifacts discovered in the area. They are now displayed in the local museum.

Which of the 6 amazing historical places we just mentioned would you like to visit first? Scandinavia is a beautiful European region where international travelers have a lot of cultural attractions to explore. However, the Viking history of this territory is truly fascinating. To find out more about these people, check out the amazing places we described above and spend amazing Scandinavian holidays in Europe.

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