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On a budget, on the mountain:
Saving money with your next ski trip

Useful tips to save money on ski trips

Skiing crowds at a ski resort
Although skiing is a popular holiday, if you don't watch your expenses, it can burn a hole
in your pocket. These tips will help you to save money on your next ski trip.

It's become an incredibly popular holiday, but let's not try and hide the fact that skiing is something that can tear a huge hole in your pocket.

Sure, the resorts themselves don't have to be overly expensive, and one only has to take a look at these ski holidays in France to see the point in-detail. Instead, it's about the expenses when you arrive at your chosen destination, ranging from everything from the cost of food right the way to ski passes.

Well, like it or not, these trips are always going to be more expensive than so-called traditional getaways. On the plus side, there are some hacks that can help you save money, which we will investigate through the course of today's article.

Eat your own food

Sure, there will be times where nothing quite beats a meal at one of the restaurants that surround your resort, and mountain food can be the exact answer after a long day skiing.

Try and ensure that this doesn't happen every day though. As you'll find when you arrive, you are effectively in the middle of nowhere, and are a captive audience for all of the establishments around there. It can mean that prices are higher, and you'll be paying through the nose for a basic meal.

Instead, take your own food, and watch your daily expenses fall.

Never rent the high-end skis

When it comes to choosing your skis for the week ahead, it becomes something of a minefield. You are generally offered several options, ranging from beginner to expert.

Well, even if you don't think you are a beginner, most people will be perfectly fine with these skis. Sure, there will be exceptions, but on the whole the basic skis are fine and there's absolutely no point in paying the additional fee for the higher-end options.

Skiing equipment
Renting high-send skis and other ski quipment is sure to blow your budget, whereas you
can do just fine with more basic skis, to enjoy your ski holiday and save money.

Try and hire everything else on-site

On the subject of hiring, try and make sure that you hire most of your equipment on-site. Sure, you might have a helmet at home, but as we all know baggage fees are rising. This equipment can take up a lot of space and ultimately, start to eat into your travel budget.

By all means do the math to see which is the most cost-efficient method, but we'd hedge our bets and suggest that the hiring option mostly wins.

Do you even need to fly?

The last point leads us perfectly onto the topic of flying. Of course, cheap flights are always available, but when this is combined with the cost of airport parking, car hire in your destination of choice and baggage - things quickly get expensive.

It means, particularly if you live “relatively” nearby, you can question whether flying is the right option. Quite often, you’ll see that driving is a much cheaper alternative, although you do have to weigh up whether you are comfortable spending so much more time in a car.

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