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7 Incredible Places to Visit in Australia

Where to find most beautiful destinations in Australia?

If you are wondering where to travel next, consider going to Australia. As one of the most beautiful and exciting places to travel in the world, Australia welcomes millions of tourists each year. There is an abundance of natural splendors and cosmopolite enchantments that are enough to make your next destination. The culture variety and diversity will help anyone enjoy the familiar and new experiences, while those looking for extreme adventures can choose one of the well-developed attractions. But to many, Australia is a remote place requiring long travels and thus leaving them a shorter time to enjoy in all it has to offer.

But don’t be dissuaded because here are some of the most interesting and most fun places to see when in Australia.

1. Sydney, New South Wales

A view of Sydney's center from a nearby city park

Although known by its unique skyline, which includes the Centrepoint Tower (on the left),
Sydney also has many green parks throughout the city, just a short walk from the centre.

Of course, Sydney and its Opera House are the first things that come to mind to anyone when Australia is mentioned, but the city is big and full of a myriad of places to see and get to know. Even the Sydneysiders haven’t seen everything this gorgeous New South Wales capital has to offer. The many museums tell a story of the city’s and Australian history, origins and natural wonders, like Australian Museum, Macleay Museum or of course Museum of Sydney. From Royal Botanic Garden with over 67,000 of plant specimens and Bondi Beach with a lot of sports activities to various tours, you can participate in such as the Blue Mountains & Jenolan Caves Day Tour or Sydney Harbour Sunset Dinner Cruise.

2. The Whitsundays, Queensland

The splendour of Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday islands offer a spectacular destination especially for yachting enthusiasts

The Whitsundays is a cluster of 74 islands with white-sand beaches and surrounded by lush rainforests. In 2009 these islands were named a Queensland Natural Attraction during the Q15 celebration. This is a very popular tourist destination for yachting with over 700,000 visitors yearly. This is also the home to the famous track Ngaro Sea Trail Great Walk going over South Molle, Hook and Whitsunday islands. Some of the islands offer luxurious accommodations and spa time, while you can go and explore seaways and coves by renting a yacht or enjoy turquoise waters while kayaking or power boating.

3. Geelong, Victoria

Paddle steamer boat on Murray River

If you are heading for Victoria, in Australia, one of the great ways to explore Victoria and
South Australia is via paddle steamer boats, journeying along Murray River in both states.

Situated in the Melbourne vicinity, Geelong port city is the second largest urban settlement in Victoria. The most tourists come here during summer to enjoy the exotic bushlands and radiant beaches. The main attraction in this area, however, is more connected to leisure and a particular affinity for wine tasting and art, for example. Some 80 km away Austins & Co. The winery offers a tour to local vineyards and tastings of some of the most worldwide famous Australian wines. If you're art aficionado you can take a look at the remarkable collection o 19th and 20th-century pieces in the Geelong Gallery. But for native Aboriginal culture and its art, history, customs and culture you can visit their Cultural Centre.

4. Mount Gambier, South Australia

Looking at sunset from an Adelaide street

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide, can be your focal point from which to explore
therest of the state, including Mount Gambier, as well as South Australia's wine regions.

We mentioned that Australia is a home to many natural beauties, and one of them is certainly Mount Gambier. This mountain created by the volcanic eruptions over many centuries ago is the home to Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park with brilliant pink and brown speleothems and located right on the ocean coast. The best place on Mount Gambier as recommended by many is Blue Lake where you can have a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking view from the viewing platforms nearby.

5. Launceston, Tasmania

Tamar Valley Resort in Tasmania

Located a 10-minute drive from Launceston, Tasmania's capital, Tamar Valley Resort is an
ideal place from which to explore some of the best places in this Australia's island state.

If you want to experience the full magnificence of nature than visit Launceston in Tasmania, its second largest city. This commercial center of the Tasmanian region offers furnished and serviced apartments, a lot of historical artifacts and tours to local sightseeing locations to around million tourists each year. The most famous place is Launceston City Park with duck pond and monuments, Tasmania Zoo is a great example of wildlife conservation projects, one of them being the breeding of Tasmanian devils. This is another perfect destination to enjoy excellent Australian wines if you apply for Valleybrook Wine Tours along Tamar River.

6. Esperance, Western Australia

Rottnest island in Western Australia

A partial photo of Rottnest island, one of the most popular destinations in Western Australia,
located off the coast near Fremantle, which serves as the port of Perth, the W.A. capital.

If you’re tired of city fuss, chaotic schedules, and noises, then Esperance in Western Australia is the couldn’t be ideal to eliminate your stress and bring you back to life. White sand beaches and pink lake sound like something out of the fairytale but this coastal town bears the name "hope" in French for a justified reason. Lake Hiller remains a scientific puzzle to this very day with its pink water, and if you want to see the kangaroos then Cape Le Grand National Park is your next stop to observe these animals sunbathe on the white sand beaches. Eco Tours will take you to see and experience the untamed parts of the Esperance's surrounding areas and to see some of the unique plant specimens and rock formations.

7. Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory

The Olgas rock formations in the Northern Territory

Now known as Kata Tjuta, the Olgas are part of rock formations which also include Uluru
(formerly Ayers Rock), all located in Australia's popular outback, in the Northern Territory.

And here is a real gem for all those in love with extreme adventures or want to try some – Katherine Gorge National Park. This remarkable place is full of Aboriginal history, flora, and fauna which will bespell you the moment you set foot there. You can explore this land by walking, flying in the helicopter or canoeing on its beautiful rivers. Jatbula Trail is a five-day walk passing by the stone formations, waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art on its 58 km long path. Natural swimming pools like Leliyn and Sweetwater are found in the secluded holes and will give you a relaxing escape from the active day.


These are only some of the wonderful and amazing locations which you can visit in Australia, and there are much more this fantastic country has to offer. No matter where you choose to go, one thing is certain nonetheless – you’ll be back for more.

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