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Holiday and travel destinations in India

Grandly protruding into the Indian Ocean, India is more of a continent than a country. This subcontinent covers every topographical wonder, from white sandy island beaches and tropical forests to high deserts and soaring mountain ranges. You will see here some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are places of wealth that will stun you and poor shanty towns that will sadden you. If you are looking for a country with a lot of contrast, India is the right destination.

  India's travel destinations

Adventure Destinations in India

Adventure Destinations in India

Having emerged over the years as one of the most popular travel locations, offering a wide range of tourist activities, India has become an interesting destination for adventure seekers. If you are a traveller who likes challenges and getting away from those familar places, you will find India an adventure sports hub.

Driving Destinations in India

Driving Destinations in India

India is a popular holiday destination, with great mountains and countryside to explore. A driving weekend holiday can be an enjoyable experience when well planned. Discover five great driving destinations in India that will bring your weekend fun and driving pleasure.

Goa Anjuna Flea Market

Goa's Anjuna Flea Market

While Goa is the smallest state of India by area, it's one of its great holiday destinations, especially for those who love great beaches. While you're there, it's highly recommended that you visit Anjuna's weekly Wednesday flea market for an amazing experience and to buy some colourful, funky goodies.

Top Destinations in India

Top Destinations in India

As one of the highly ranked tourist and holiday destinations, India has numerous travel destinations on offer. The country boasts ancient pilgrim centres, historical landmarks, interesting museums, architectural splendours, and colourful festivals. There is something for everyone in this exotic destination.

Wildlife Tour in India

Wildlife Tour in India

For a holiday with a difference, take a wildlife tour in India. It's an excellent way to escape the urban life and spend some time with nature. India offers numerous National Parks, making it a great wildlife destination. We have selected top five wildlife tour destinations in India.

Indian culture

Discover 5,000 years of human history, beginning with one of the oldest civilizations of the Indus River Valley who merged with Aryan invaders around 1500 B.C.E. to create the classic Indian culture that still thrives today. With 26 World Heritage Sites sprinkled about the country, it is easy to be immersed in the intricacies of local culture in nearly each of the 28 states and 7 territories. If you prefer to get out and take in a culture that is completely alien to your own, you will never find a better place than India.

A land of contrast

Indian subcontinent is really a number of countries contained within a political boundary. The south of India is entirely different than the north. The same goes for the east and west. If you don’t like the place you’re in, just get on a train for a day or two and you’ll be in a completely different world.

The northern region of India is an assorted mix of cultures, traditions, languages and arts. The vulnerability of this area to outside invaders throughout history has been both a blessing and a curse, bringing with the turmoil unique external influences and inspirations.

Chitradurga Fort in India
Named in British times Chitaldoorg, Chitradurga is fortification in Karnataka state in southern India, that was built between the 17th and 18th centuries.

Travel to the more culturally homogenous south of India and witness thousands of years of the caste system still in practice despite the more modern structure of India’s government. With its alluring tales of trade and independence, Goa is one of the most popular destinations along the Indian coastline.

If you’re considering visiting India, you need to accept the fact that life is different there and you need to come to grips with this before you go. In truth, India is an incredibly captivating country of beauty, stunning sites and incredibly funny people.