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Facts That Nobody Told You About South America

7 interesting facts about South America
and many reasons to visit this amazing destination

Travelling makes people modest and independent. The more people travel, the more they realize about their hidden talents. Along with shaping one into a better individual, it also changes the perspective of people. Visiting places is never a matter of money, but of courage and determination. If you really want to explore, you will find a way to make it happen.

If there’s one place that every travel enthusiast must visit, then that is South America. Amidst the tranquility of Machu Pichu and the pureness of Peru, travelers often get truly mesmerized. Also, there are several hidden treasures on the continent.

Here are some interesting facts related to South America that you probably don’t have any idea about.

Lingual Versatility At Its Peak

'thank you' in many languages
The amazing fact about South America is that there are around 300 different languages
spoken on this continent, probably having the greatest language diversity in the world.

A different language is a different vision of life. Learning another language is like becoming an altogether different person. When it comes to the number of languages, South America surely tops the list. The region has the greatest language diversity with around 300 different languages. While English and Spanish are the most common, some people also speak Portuguese. Apart from the frequently spoken ones, Quechua and Aymara are the unique languages of the region.

Amazon Forests, Rich Flora & Fauna

A waterfall in Amazonian forests
The Amazon jungle is one of the most diverse forests in the world - Earth's lungs.
(Source -

Earth without the Amazon Forests is like a man without his lungs. Amazon forests are one of the most diverse forests all over the world. Boasting some unique flora and fauna, the place is considered to be a top-notch tourist destination. The forests are located in the North Western part of Brazil. Even Columbia and adjoining South American regions are covered by it.

In spite of the heavy rainfall throughout the year, a large number of tourists visits this South American gem. While the forests are responsible for producing ample oxygen, they also contain the richest biodiversity. Some rare species of fauna found here are the golden lion tamarin monkey, jaguars, Amazonian dolphin, and Amazonian manatee.

During the winters, tourists also experience snowfall in this region. For your next visit to this place, you can get hold of the Pajero roof rack. Not only will this allow you to carry heavy luggage, but also leave enough room for you and your family or friends to comfortably sit in the car.

Highest Elevated Capital, La Paz

Capital city La Paz, Bolivia, South America
In addition to its beauty, Bolivia's capital La Paz is the highest raised capital in the world.
(Source:  )

There’s no doubt in the fact that South America holds one of the most beautiful cultures and heritage. But, did you know it also has the highest raised capital? La Paz, the capital city of the country Bolivia in South America, is known for its high elevation. Situated at an elevation of about 4000 m, tourists often find it difficult to adapt to the capital.

Atamaca Desert, Driest Area Of The World

Atamaca desert in Chile, South America
The driest region in the world, fancied by many a traveller, is Atamaca Desert, in Chile.

South America is home to the driest region of the world. Atamaca Desert, located in Chile, is drier than a cactus. There are parts of the region experiencing absolutely no rainfall for centuries. What is even more surprising is that millions of people are dependent on this desert for their livelihood.

The desert is also fancied by travel enthusiasts. However, the vehicles often bottom out in this region due to dry sand. In order to prevent that, consider riding Honda CRF for a better grasp.

Largest Mountain Range, The Andes

The Andes mountain peaks, South America
The Andes' tall, almost vertical peaks, are the most difficult climb for mountain climbers.

If you wish to gaze at the most perfect view, you need to perform the most difficult climb. For all the trekking enthusiasts, South America is the right place. The continent has the largest mountain range, The Andes. It covers an area of approximately 4,400 miles along the western part of the continent.

Located in between Chile and Venezuela, the mountain range is extremely alluring.

Tallest Waterfall Of The World, Angel Falls

Angel Falls, Venezuela, South America
Located in Venezuela, Angel Falls is nearly 1km in height, the highest uninterrupted waterfall.

Waterfalls are proof that falling can also be beautiful. South America boasts one such astonishing waterfall known as the Angel Falls, in Venezuela. The waterfall is an epitome of serenity. Along with this, it is regarded as the tallest waterfall in the world. Being 970 m high and holding 870 m of uninterrupted water, the falls is one of its kinds.

The continent is a highly preferred one by tourists all over the globe. And, one reason behind the heavy tourist number is the presence of Angel Falls.

Ancient Civilization & Related History

Drawing of a city in ancient civilization
There were literally hundreds of ancient civilizations in South America
(Source:  )

One crucial entity about any region is the historical values and evolution. South America has a rich history as hundreds of civilizations originated here. Chavin, Paracas and the Nazca civilizations are some popular ones.

Also, the Machu Pichu is one ancient site that still stands strong and gives evidence of the continent’s history.

Bottom Line

Overall, South America has a little something for all kinds of people. If you love the monuments, visit Machu Pichu. But, if you’re into nature, Amazon Rainforest is the right place. South America never fails to allure the travelers with its interesting facts.

However, there’s nothing better than exploring some on your own. So, travel to South America for an adventure filled vacation.

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