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Top 5 Interesting Things to Do in Brazil

Where to find
some of the most amazing attractions in Brazil

A rare destination on the globe that can delight almost all possible types of travelers, Brazil is full of natural wonders, vibrant markets and laid-back, colonial towns. So, whether you are a history buff, an outdoorsy person, or a shopaholic, Brazil attractions will never disappoint you.

It’s indeed an endless list of interesting things to do here, and could easily overwhelm anybody.

Here are the top 5 interesting things to do in Brazil:

1. Scuba Dive at Abismo Anhumas

A crystal-clear underground lake, Abismo Anhumas is a jaw-dropping Brazilian destination. An adventurer’s paradise with scuba-diving as its main attraction, Abismo Anhumas attracts visitors from all corners of the world. At this exotic place, you’d enjoy the experiences of caving or spelunking, snorkeling, and dripstones.

Scuba diver taking photo of a sea turtle underwater
Scuba diving at Abismo Anhumas gives the opportunity to see and experience
the wonderful flora and fauna.
 (Image by

Rappel 72 meters to the bottom of a terrific cave to see the unbelievably transparent underground lake. Once here, you can view the natural rock formations at very close range, and they won’t fail to impress you.

Next, get into the lake, and snorkel or scuba to see the evasive flora and fauna clearly. No words or graphics are capable of illustrating what scuba diving in this amazing place is like! Highly experienced divers rate their experience of scuba diving in Abismo Anhumas as one of their best ones in life.

After diving, use a raft to explore the dry part. After enjoying the lake adventure, change into dry clothing, and, for the way out, climb up the same rope which takes you down to the lake.

2. Rejuvenate at Ilha Grande

A heavenly island in Brazil with a bizarre history of being a pirate’s den, a leper colony and high-security prison, Ilha Grande is simply astonishing. If you’re seeking a solo retreat, this remarkable island is a must-visit place, what with clean and unused woodlands and beaches, and a prohibition on motor vehicles.

A couple walking on beach at Ilha Grande
Formerly a pirates' den, Ilha Grande island is a wonderful place for those who
want to have a peaceful holiday in natural surrounds.
 (Image by

Lopes Mendes, the most frequented beach on this island, is best known for its powerful surf. The northern part of Ilha Grande has protected, fish-filled waters owned by Lagoa Azul Resort.

With merely a handful of villages, Ilha Grande hums a laid-back rhythm. In the daytime, enjoy exploring the island's countless trails and beaches. Spend the evening by the waterfront where you’d get to socialize with nearly half of the town.

3. Go Wildlife Viewing in Pantanal

The world’s largest wetland, Pantanal abounds with exotic wildlife. Choose the dry season to explore this place, when you’d be able to access dirt roads more easily. If you’re planning to get here by car, make sure to rent one with a 4runner roof rack to carry additional cargo like camping gear and accessories.

Leopard, leopard spots
A visit to Pantalan wetland could give you some great moments of seeing
wild animals that occupy this wildlife sanctuary.
 (Image by

Besides the leopard, other rare species like the hyacinth macaw also find sanctuary in this vast wetland. Irrespective of the time of year you visit Pantanal, you’re sure to spot capybaras, otters, howler monkeys, giant anteaters and anacondas. It’s no wonder that Pantanal is a heaven for photographers and eco-tourists.

Pantanal is also a significant migratory bird stop-off point. So, during your stay here, you’d certainly see spectacular birds like the great blue heron and the keel-ridged toucan.

A flock of wild geese flying in woodlands
Migratory birds, such as wild geese, use Pantanal wetlands as a stop-off point
during their migration to the south in northern Winter time.
 (Image by

4. Drench yourself under the Iguazu Falls

Having their origin in River Iguazu, and accessible from the Brazilian town of Foz do IguaƧu, the Iguazu Falls are a magnificent spectacle indeed! Taller than Niagara Falls, this Brazilian wonder is at its best during the spring or autumn seasons.

When visiting Iguazu Falls, make certain to reserve a jet boat safari so that you can view the falls up close and personal. The jet boat safari begins with a comfortable drive through the forest, following which you take an easy jungle tour, and finally, head towards the Iguazu River for the launching point. This is where you get on a boat and proceed towards the base of Iguazu Falls. The boat takes you right underneath the falls!

Visitors looking at Iguatzu Falls
Iguatzu Falls are one of the best known of natural attractions in Brazil,
taller than Niagara Falls in USA and Canada.
 (Image by:

So, you’d get a wonderful opportunity to drench yourself to your heart’s content.

5. Ride the Elevador Lacerda

Holding a world record of being the first urban lift worldwide, Elevador Lacerda, standing at 73 meters, became functional in 1873. The astounding lift, having noteworthy workmanship, transports people from the Lower City to the Upper City of Salvador.

The elevator shaft is made up of four cabins which travel up and down in less than 30 seconds. These fast-moving cabins can carry up to 128 people with the elevator running continuously all day and all night.

Experience a great way to travel up and down through this exquisitely designed lift, and take in the city’s beautiful views. For instance, when you are at the topmost level of Elevador Lacerda, you’d get to see the Mercado Modelo, a wholesale market and also the Fort of Sao Marcelo.

Elevador Lacerda urban lift
At 73 metres height, this first urban lift in the world transports people from lower
to upper city of Salvador 24/7.


So, now you know about the most interesting places in Brazil and how to have the fun of a lifetime while visiting them. Scuba dive in a crystal clear underground lake, recharge at a breathtaking island, watch wildlife in the largest wetland on the planet, enjoy the splash of spectacular waterfalls, and take a mesmerising ride in a world-famous elevator.

Make your trip memorable by tracking your visits to these attractions through a colourful scratch-off map. Once you’re back home, paste the map on your door to constantly remind you of all the interesting things done in Brazil.

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