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A Culinary Adventure in Patong Beach

Three must-visit Patong Beach restaurants

One of the many great reasons to visit Thailand is the long list of dishes and cuisines you will be able to try during the trip. Thailand is not only attractive for its beautiful beaches and lively cities, but also for the fact that you can find any dish you want – local and international dishes alike – to keep your taste buds pampered to the max.

The best thing about going on a culinary adventure in Thailand is that you have so many options to choose from. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the best restaurants to add to your list of must-visit places in Patong.

Try spicy Thai cuisine at Patong Beach
Thai cuisine dishes are particularly known for their rich spices and colours that will
pamper your taste buds to the max.

Kaab Gluay Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Thai cuisines, the Kaab Gluay Restaurant is the place to be. Unlike many other local restaurants that serve authentic Thai dishes, Kaab Gluay Restaurant doesn’t look the part. In fact, the place is designed to be modern and comfortable.

There is a reason behind the way this restaurant is designed. Kaab Gluay Restaurant aimed to be a place for travelers from around the world, hence the more modern look and welcoming ambience. However, the dishes here are definitely worth trying.

As mentioned before, Kaab Gluay serves Thai cuisines in their authentic forms. The design of the restaurant may be modern, but the dishes are all very authentic – even more so than other local restaurants in the area.

Charm Thai

In the mood for some seafood? A 40-minute drive to Charm Thai at the Holiday Inn Phuket is definitely worth it, especially once you see the menu of this romantic restaurant. Even better, everything is made using fresh local produce and with incredible attention to detail.

The head chef, Chef Pittaya, is an expert in local cuisine. She adds touches that really elevate local seafood dishes to new heights. It didn’t take long before Charm Thai was recognized as the best Patong seafood restaurant, especially among international travelers.

The Sam Rot, a dish made from tiger prawns and three flavor spicy chili sauce, is definitely a must-try. The Seafood Basket, filled with Phuket lobsters, white shrimps, snapper, blue crab, and more, doesn’t just offer great value, but an unforgettable culinary experience as well.

Jetty on a Thailand beach at night
Choosing a great restaurant in Thailand's Patong Beach will be combined by a great
beach and seaside atmosphere and setting.


If you travel to Asia – Thailand in particular – a lot, you will know that many restaurants only serve one or two special dishes. Briley is one of those restaurants, and its signature dish on the menu is the Khao Man Kai. It is a combination of rice and chicken boiled and seasoned to perfection.

Briley’s only item on the menu isn’t expensive at all. It is also not a traditional Thai cuisine, but the seasonings have that unique Thai characteristic; this makes the boiled chicken at Briley even more special.

Other than the main dish, there aren’t that many items in the menu. You can still order drinks and there are one or two sides to choose from, but that’s about it. Make sure you time your visit correctly though, because the place is usually packed even with its simple menu.

Patong is actually filled with great restaurants, but the three we covered in this article are among the first ones you need to try the next time you visit this beautiful place. Your culinary adventure in Thailand will not be complete without sampling dishes at these places.

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