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Tips to have a perfect trip to Norway in 2017

How to make the most out of your holiday in Norway

Norway’s vibrant cultural life, cosmopolitan cities, and ultimately, breathtaking landscapes make it one of the most stunning in the world. In spite of being one of the most expensive travel spots in Europe, making a sacrifice and exploring this place will exceed all your expectations. Seeing Norway’s fjords and admiring its endless gorges is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here are some travel tips to help you benefit from a perfect escape.

Norway fjord
Fjords in Norway are spectacular and breathtaking attractions for visitors to this scenic country

The weather

Norway’s position is far north; although this doesn’t mean it has an arctic climate. On the southwestern coast of Bergen, temperatures are mild-humid, and in the east (Oslo), the weather is pretty warm in the summer season, with degrees reaching 300. The Nordic sun is incredibly powerful, especially on snowfields and on top of the mountains. Bring sunglasses with you and use sunscreen on your face to protect your skin. Even though most visitors choose to explore Norway in the warm season, the country’s beautiful ski resorts are equally enticing. The best time of the year for winter activities is from November until April.

Main attraction – the country itself

Norway itself is an attraction. The abundance of fjords, forests, coastlines, waterfalls, lakes and mountains make Norway a heavenly travel spot for adventure seekers around the world. If you’re a tourist searching for incredible sights, don’t jump from city to city. Even though the country does have splendid metropolises, it’s the rural districts you should explore first. Norway’s dramatic scenery can’t be described with plain words. Its endless fjords, vast glaciers and glorious ice fields, make this place Europe’s most soothing travel spot. This 2015, Norway awaits you to explore its charismatic territories. Some of the country’s finest destinations:

  • Voringfossen – Norway’s most famous waterfall
  • North Cape – Europe’s northernmost point
  • Jostedalsbreen Glacier – Europe largest glacier
  • Geirangerfjord – Norway’s famous fjords and valleys
Norway valley
In addition to its fjords, Norway is also popular with its visitors for its beautiful, tall gorges.

Safety measures for a perfect hike

When people talk about Norway, they immediately think of its mountains and fjords. They’re spread everywhere around the country, although some are more spectacular than others. For an ideal trekking adventure, tourists should gear up, and know some essential tips before venturing into the wild.

  • Prepare mentally and physically (especially if you’re trekking in the winter
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Wear proper clothes – waterproof trousers and jackets, mountains shoes, beanie, winter gloves
  • Have a map with you (there no reception for GPS in the mountains)
  • Have a small first-aid kit in your backpack

The unusual side of Norway

Norway is Europe’s most interesting countries. For a perfect trip this 2016, you must see the midnight sun and the aurora borealis. The midnight sun is a phenomenon that materializes in the summer. Because half of Norway is positioned above Arctic Circle, from June through August travelers will enjoy daylight 24 hours/day. The effect of the midnight sun varies, although it’s something you just can’t miss out. Who wouldn’t want to be on top of a mountain in the middle of the night and look straight at the sun?

As for Norway’s aurora borealis, the phenomenon is better known as the “northern lights”. It’s not as obvious as the midnight sun, which means you may have to chase it; but once you catch it you’ll never forget it. The light show is characteristic to the cold season, and it can be observed between the months of November and February. Some of Norway’s best regions for tourists to observe the aurora are Svalbard Islands, Tromso, and Lofoten Islands.

Northern lights
Norway's aurora borealis or "northern lights" represent one of the country's unique attractions

Before planning northern lights holidays, settle on a budget. Unlike most European countries, Norway is pricey. Nonetheless, there are ways to enjoy the best vacation without breaking the bank. Avoid accommodation in the big cities and use convenience stores to purchase and make your own food. Moving from city to city costs between $35 and $80, depending on the distance and transportation mode.

Norway is fjord wonderland, although travelers are often confused by the variety. In this case, opt for a multi-day tour, which doesn’t cost more than $150. Adventure seekers fond of eco-tourism should know that camping in Norway is free, as long as the area is public. Last but not least, have a list with things you’d like to do and see. It will be easier to keep a schedule and explore Norway’s finest places of interest.

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