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Everything you need for your visit to Philippines islands

The Southeast Asian countries are major tourist destinations of the world and one country needs a special mention – the Philippines. It is said that this country is kind of a joining point of Asia and Europe. The sprawling islands, the expansive lush green rice fields, the volcanoes, the mountains, the developing mega-cities and the graffiti-drawn jeepneys – all these together make up what Philippines is actually.

Along with these things, another thing that is highly inspiring about the country is the happy-go-lucky and ever smiling people. While visiting Philippines islands, you can remain assured that you will get assistance at all steps without any problems.

A resort beach in the Philippines with tall palms
Being one of major tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, the country offers
many beach resort accommodation options. (Image from

Getting there

International travelers and tourists usually reach these islands by flying over there. There are many international airports in the country and travelers can choose the one that seems most suitable for them. However, most travelers prefer the Kalibo International Airport or the Mactan-Cebu International Airport for entering Philippines. Internationally renowned airlines operate their flights to the country. In fact some of the airlines and online flight booking agencies offer cheap business class airfares to passengers from time to time.

Moving around

Since Philippines is an island archipelago, flights are preferred mode for traveling from one island to another, though other modes of transportation are also available. Abundant sources of local transportation are also available in the country in the form of trains, car rentals (the country has extensive road networks), public buses, boats, rickshaws and jeepneys and so on.

Best time to visit Philippines

The peak tourist season in this Southeast Asian country is from December to May. During this time, the weather conditions remain suitable and favorable for travelers. Winters are moderate as temperatures do not dip much.

However, there is great rush during this part of the year and it is difficult to get proper accommodation without prior booking. June to September are rainy months in Philippines. Sometimes weather conditions might get really harsh this time. But accommodation and other traveler facilities remain budget-friendly during this time.

Busy street in Manila
Three round cars are popular mode of transport of people and goods
on these tropical islands. (Image by

Places to visit on Philippines trip

There are innumerable places of attractions in Philippines – in the various islands and cities of the country. The country has wide varieties of attractions from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to sprawling beaches, from historical sites and monuments to churches and religious sites. Eco tours and sustainable tourism are the specialties of Philippines and have become renowned internationally. Coral reefs and wide spread varieties of flora and fauna are also great attractions of Philippines islands.

Activities in Philippines

One of the ways to reach these islands is to fly to Philippines with cheap business class airfares, readily available online. When you arrive there, you will be spoilt for multiple choices when it comes to selecting from the variety of activities the country offers.

Adventure sports activities are very popular in the country, including aerial sports like flying in hot air balloons, board sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, trekking and so on. Apart from these daring activities, people also enjoy golfing, caving, basketball games, exploring national parks and many such activities. Shopping is also a favorite activity of travelers frequenting Philippines as the markets cater to the needs of all kinds of buyers in varying budgets.

Before traveling to this awesome Southeast Asian destination of the world, do some thorough research on the place to make the trip convenient and smooth.

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