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Phuket Island and Beyond

Attractions on Phuket island and Thailand's cultural heritage

Thailand has, in the course of the past decade, become one of the world’s most popular summer tourist destinations. With the reputation came significant financial prosperity, and green travel responsibility.

This land is lush and beautiful, and has never been conquered by foreign forces. The cultural heritage of Thailand is uniquely uninterrupted, and this shows in the way historical structures seamlessly blend into the jungle surrounding them, a singular photogenic ecosystem.

Tourist boats on beach
James Bond movie lovers will recognize Phi Phi Island images from his iconic movie, "The Man with the Golden Gun". (Image:

Old Phuket Town

This part of the city celebrates diversity. Each step brings new exotic storefronts and splendours, and the imposing architectural style of the region is bound to leave a visitor stunned. The distinct traditional Thai architecture takes the throne in almost all of Thailand, but Phuket is an exemption. Phuket is the only Thai region that has been colonized at some point in time, and proof of this lies in the out-of-place colonial architecture trying to fit in in the Old Town. If you get tired, feel free to sit down in any local restaurant, and enjoy traditional Thai cuisine, but be careful, the meals are often too spicy for the unwary foreigner!

Garden in Phuket, Thailand
As tropical tourist destination, Thailand offers lush gardens, where you can enjoy your summer stroll, or just sit and blend with your tropical surrounds. (Image:

Bangla Road Nightlife

If the previous listed locations celebrate the soul, then Bangla Road celebrates the body. When the sun sets, the streets fill up with never-ending parties, shopping locations and a swirling mass of people. But this is not a typical “red light” quarter. The sights, sounds and aroma of Bangla Road are exciting and very different to a tourist – you can find anything imagined here, from unusual beer bars to peepshows, and that’s just the legal part of the nightlife. Illegal opiates make their rounds on Bangla Road every night, and it is very important to stay with your traveling group at all times, and to take extra care of what you are drinking and where.

Phi Phi Island

This is Thailand's ace up the sleeve. It is ideal for family holidays, for there are many beaches to rest at, as well as a jungle background to add up the exotic feel. If you nurture a dose of culture in your home, you can tell your children that the iconic James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed here, and they will instantly remember why these rock formations look so familiar. Approaching the island, an immersive feeling of calm, tranquillity, and sea salt fills the heart. The beaches are simply stunning, with white sand contrasting sapphire-blue crystal clear water, no one ever leaves Phi Phi simply because they want to.

Passenger boats in Thailand
When you holiday on Phuket island, in Thailand, you will plenty of beautiful scenery
in this lush, photogenic tropical travel destination.

Phang Nga Bay

The crystal clear waters of this bay are not only one of the most beautiful sights in this part of the world, but Phang Nga Bay is a consistent member of worldwide sailing and cruising top lists. Straight as an arrow, limestone cliffs rise from the water’s surface, luring with heights unreachable. In order to experience the most from this sight, I highly recommend taking a sunset tour by boat, and snapping a few photographs of its wonderful flora and fauna.

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