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Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations Of Australia

Visit one of the most attractive holiday destinations

Australia is indeed a blessed nation with its unique attractive destinations, the magnificent natural attractions and architectural wonders, offering thousands of reasons for a romantic holiday here.

Bondi Beach in Sydney
Probably Australia's most famous beach is Bondi beach, located in Sydney's suburb of Bondi

There are thousands of best romantic destinations in Australia, stretching from its capital Sydney to other places; it just depends on your need. To be more specific, it depends on what sounds special to you. We have tried to compare and contrast in order to come up with the best top five destinations that always thrill romantic seekers. Keep reading to identify the best top five destinations of all times.

Unforgettable experience while visiting Uluru

Sydney's Harbour Bridge
One of Australia's and Sydney's most recognizable landmarks is the famous Harbour Bridge.

This amazing monolith is located in southwest part of northern territory in Australia. This rock can be easily accessed from Alice Springs. It is found in the middle of Uluru National Park eastern of Kata Tjuta.

The monolith provide romantic seekers with something special, since the entire experience of climbing it, taking photos and touring entire Uluru National Park, never departs from lovers mind. And that’s why romantic expert keep on visiting here again and again, since it makes their love special.

Accommodation services are not found within Uluru national park but a bit outside the park there are five star hotels near this place unlike other places where you will have to travel for kilometers to find one. Touring this place is amazing with kind of special romance consideration you will find for your partner.

Unbelievable romantic Queensland

Here is where ladies are made queens and men kings; it is unbelievable places before you visit but you can believe it exists when you land here. Imagine sharing beautiful experience with your special someone in clean beaches while enjoying warm weathers, surely it is good. Put your romantic word into action when both of you visit the northern part of Queensland known for its suitable tropical climatic condition.

Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia
One of Queensland's many holiday destinations is the Gold Coast, famous for its main city of Surfers Paradise, with its long stretch of wide sandy beaches.

You will surely love type of accommodation found here; enjoy relaxed lifestyle of Green Island and Lizard Island with your specials one while engaging in thrilling adventurous sports like sailing and snorkeling. Make your trip normal though special while relaxing on port Douglas beach. Apart from that, other romantic places that you can visit and enjoy best moments plus best accommodation include Whitsundays and south Burnett.

You won’t forget Rottnest Island

This must visit romantic destination is located 18 km from western Australian coast. Here is where you will send a silent message to you loved one saying” you are special indeed”. There is so much that both of you will love doing on Rottnest island. Whether enjoying swimming, snorkeling, sailing or just relaxing on sandy beaches while enjoying sunny condition; there is so much that will remain in your memory. Imagine taking a nature walk just two of you, and then come across some unique wild animal like quokkas or discovering some new plant type you have never seen, it is really special. Other sites that will make sure you come again in this place include museums, and awesome golf course. Accommodation is up to the mark, and it will surely make you sound so special to you special one.

Blue Mountains

Just as it sound it is special; it is located in New South Wales, bordering on Sydney's metropolitan area. It contains highest rated landscape that you won’t forget the experience of touring them. Special and unique type of native wild found here like echidna and koalas will amaze you. The accommodation and services provided at the hotels in this place is amazing. You will love the type of designs of the hotels room plus food offered; it is really loveable and romantic.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Spectacular sunset in Blue Mountains is just one more reason for a romantic escape here

Make your love special by visiting Margaret River cave

This is a town located in south west Australia and really best for special loving moments. This town is known for manufacturing best wine in Australia, therefore bound to special enjoyment. There are seamless activities that you will love being part of; you can’t forget the experience of touring caves and getting scared a bit when pebble falls. And if you have never surf in a river here you will get a chance to train you partner how to do that even through you may not know. Accommodation is amazing and surely, you will love it.

Don’t let this romantic experience pass; it is special and doesn't matter if it is for honeymoon or not. Apply for your Australian visa and get a chance to experience more romance.

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