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Cruising Moscow River

Cruising on Moscow River

The beautiful Moscow city offers a plethora of spectacular sights to enjoy. One of the best ways to enjoy the city views and its many exquisite attractions is by taking a cruise on the Moscow River. It's a great way to enjoy the splendour of this lively metropolis.

St. Petersburg Places

St Petersburg Places to See

St. Petersburg is one of Russia's most outstanding cities to explore on your visit to the country. Once famously known as the capital of tsars, today this cultural metropolis feels more like an open-air museum. There's something about this place that makes it an appealing holiday destination.

Russia is simply a huge country. From the east (Europe) to the west (across from Alaska), the country is so big you can travel for seven days on a train and still not make it all the way across.

Created in the 12th century, Russia was originally a much smaller country. Known as Muscovy, the country was formed in the golden ring area surrounding present day Moscow. After being dominated by the Mongols for a few hundred years, the country began to slow start conquering lands and expanding.

Peter the Great

Russia as we know it today didn’t really form until Peter the Great came on the scene. A very tall man, Peter the Great could be considered the first great real estate investor of Russia. During his reign, Peter conquered all of the lands between Moscow and the Pacific Ocean.

In 1703 he founded the port city of St. Petersburg, located on the Baltic Sea. The city was the imperial capital for two centuries and today it's considered Russia's cultural centre, showcasing Russian art.

During the 20th century, Russia converted from a rather corrupt monarchy to communism. Alas, communism didn’t turn out to be much better with leaders such as Joseph Stalin indiscriminately slaughtering much of the population through ill advised planning. Eventually, the Russians changed their mind and converted to a rough form of Democracy in 1991. Thereafter, the various satellite companies controlled by the former Soviet Union began breaking off and claiming independence.

Russia is simply a magnificent place and an interesting holiday and travel destination. Russians are fairly formal in business and initial interactions. Once you’ve broken through the formality, they are perhaps the warmest, friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure of every meeting.

City of Moscow, Russia