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Ski Vacations

For the lovers of Winter Holidays

If you're ski vacations enthusiast or planning to become one, you will find here useful travel guides to various ski vacations spots. It's time to grab some new skis and ski clothing and head to the slopes. Or if you prefer get your snowboard out.

Either way you'll enjoy an amazing day on the mountain. We bring you here reviews of the popular ski vacations in the USA and other skiing holiday destinations. These include Aspen in Colorado, European ski vacation in Italy, Alaska ski vacation, as well as some tips for your next ski trip.

  Popular Skiing Destinations

Alaska Ski Vacation

Alaska Ski Vacation

A source of awe and mystery, Alaska has some of the best skiing in the world. This white wonderland will help you enjoy your ski vacation without crowded slopes and long ski lift lines. Alyeska Resort is one of the tops skiing resorts, while the Glacier Tubing Park is an absolute must.

Aspen Colorado

Aspen in Colorado

Another famous Colorado ski resort is Aspen's Snowmass Ski Resort. This famous resort, spread over 4 mountains, is also known for its great night life. Being one of the most popular ski resorts in the world, it's prudent to reserve your room well in advance.

Aspen Ski Vacation

Aspen Ski Vacation

Who hasn't yeat heard of this playground for the rich and famous? This Colorado's world famous ski vacation destination is named after aspen trees that are abundant in the area. Aspen Mountain is a world-class ski resort, long known as the skiing playground of the rich and famous.

Big Sky Ski Resort

Big Sky Ski Resort Montana

Montana's leading ski vacation destination. While Big Sky Ski resort in Montana has a lot to offer, very few know about its existence! The resort offers breathtaking scenery, wildlife and great hospitality - all hallmarks of a splendorous and memorable skiing vacation.

Crystal Mountain Washington

Crystal Mountain Washington

Between the months of November and April, Washington's largest ski area, Crystal Mountain offers good skiing for intermediate and expert skiers. There are fifty trails and ten ski lifts available, along with several lodges and Crystal Mountain Express Bus service.

Durango Mountain Resort

Durango Mountain Resort

Located in Colorado, Durango Mountain Ski Resort features more than 2500 acres of ski area and 75 trails. The crowds are small and lift lines don't exist at this resort, which has much to offer to skiers of all levels, including families. Ideal for those who prefer family ski vacation destinations.

Holiday Mountain Ski Resort

Holiday Mountain Ski Resort

Located in New York, this is a popular ski vacation area for skiers and snowboarders. Holiday Mountain area is a popular place for the younger crowd, and it is definitely a great place for those wanting to learn how to ski. It includes both skiing and snowboarding school.

Italy Ski Vacation

Italy Ski Vacation

One of the European ski vacation spots, Limone village is one of Italy's oldest ski areas, located near the French border. This historic alpine town is located only thirty miles from Nice and is best suited for intermediate skiers. If you like a laidback winter atmosphere, this is your ski destination.

Family Ski Holiday

Plan Family Ski Holiday

The skiing holiday should be fun and worth the money for the whole family. But how do you plan a ski holiday for a family? Where do you go? Our guide and tips should give you some basic understanding of what goes into planning such a trip and what to keep in mind when planning your winter holiday.

How to Save Money on Ski Trips

Save Money on Ski Trips

A winter holiday is one of the most popular holidays. But as ski destinations are not as easily accessible as summer holidays, a ski trip can burn a hole in your pocket if you don't watch. You need to take steps to make it easy on your budget. Here are some useful tips to save money on your next ski trip.

How to pack for your ski vacation

When you are traveling for your ski vacation, it can be difficult to know what to pack. Even if you do know, the trick is figuring out how and where to fit all that you think you will need for yourt ski trip. This especially can be a problem if you are flying to get there.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Find out what's available at your ski destination in terms of equipment.
  • One of the options is to rent the necessary equipment.
  • If you don't care much to rent, check what ski shops are available in the area.
  • Compare the cost of renting vs the cost of buying barely used equipment.
  • Check also with your resort if you can pre-send your equipment there.
  • Your ski clothing can take up much space, leaving your less room to pack your other clothing and essentials.
  • If your resort can accept packages pre-sent, this might be one of solutions.
  • Balance all this versus hiring it all on the site, which could be the best option.

When you are doing your ski trip for the first time, it might take more effort to figure out these packing things. Talk to someone you know who's already been on a skiing vacation - they'll have very useful tips to save a lot of hassle.

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