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South Africa

Attractions and places to visit in South Africa

Only a couple of decades ago, South Africa appeared on the world stage on a daily basis, unfortunately it was all negative publicity and rightly so. South Africa was in the process of major changes from the old "Apartheid Regime" to the new democratically elected government, the government that is still in power today.

  South Africa Destination Guides

Attractions in Cape Town

Attractions in Cape Town

Although travel costs are cheaper these days than before, it's still an expensive outing for families with kids. When you plan a vacation with your family, it's important to be organized. Your children will want to be entertained, so check these Cape Town attractions that won't strain your family budget.

Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival

If you are looking to celebrate the New Year in South Africa, then your should attend the Kaapse Klopse party in Cape Town. This celebration has been happening every year since the 19th century and it's now known as Cape Carnival. It starts in District Six and culminates at the Green Point Stadium.

Family Travel in South Africa

Family Travel in South Africa

As a travel destination, South Africa is usually defined by wild animals, national parks, and thrilling activities. But this doesn't mean it can't be an ideal spot for families with kids. It can be an ideal retreat for those seeking peace and quiet, if your know the right holiday attractions to visit with your family.

Last Minute Family Vacation

Last Minute Family Vacation

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Getting away with your family to an exotic destination is an excellent way to relax and have fun, for a family experience in a different country. It's an opportunity to learn about local culture and customs. One of perfect destinations for a family vacation is Cape Town.

Places in South Africa

Luxury Places in South Africa

If you're looking for luxury in a beautiful country, you will find South Africa an enchanting place to be. These include top class hotels with casinos, bars, nightclubs and a la carte dining. Go on safari and see majestic African wildlife, then rest and relax in a spa, followed by five-star cuisine.

National Parks in South Africa

Top 3 National Parks in South Africa

Those familiar with South Africa have no doubt heard of Kruger National Park as one of must-see places in South Africa, as the biggest national reserve. We suggest two more national parks that are havens for wildlife and flora - The West Coast and the Garden Route National Parks.

New Year in Cape Town

New Year in Cape Town

The holiday season brings joy to our hearts, when we focus our attention to be with our family and friends. It's also a perfect time to get a holiday break, somewhere away from our daily concerns. Here's one of destinations we recommend for an exploring adventure during the New Year holiday.

Restaurants in Cape Town

Restaurants in Cape Town

International travelers have discovered the large diversity of Africa's travel experiences. The southern region of Africa allows you to explore this huge variety of heritage, traditions and culture in one place. Visit one of the best South Africa's holiday destinations, Cape Town, and sample its restaurants.

Shopping Centres in Cape Town

Best Shopping Places in Cape Town

Shopping is an essential part of any holiday and travel experience. When visiting South Africa and in particular popular Cape Town, you can enhance your vacation by visiting one or more of Cape Town's best shopping centers. Then combine excellent shopping with the best that South Africa offers.

Surfing Spots in Cape Town

Top Surfing Spots in Cape Town

If you are a surfing aficionado, then you probably well know that Cape Town is one of the top surfing destinations. It features a huge variety of surfing spots, from those for inexperienced surfers to those looking to ride the biggest waves. We give you the top five surfing spots in Cape Town.

Travel Destination South Africa

Travel Destination South Africa

There is something for everyone in South Africa. This amazing places offers holiday and travel opportunities that are at least difficult, if not impossible to find anywhere else in the world. It's not a cheap option for a vacation, but there are many things that make South Africa a dream destination for many.

Unforgettable South Africa

Unforgettable South Africa Holiday Destinations

This stunning country offers countless lovely sites, spectacular wildlife, and breathtaking landscape. From Cape Town wonders, Johannesburg city lifestyle, mysterious Northern Cape, and wonderful Gauteng, this is an excellent touring country that should be visited at least once.

Unseen Parts of South Africa

Visit South Africa for the Unseen Parts

Apart from its amazing wildlife, South Africa is home to many different cultures, which adds to its cultural diversity. The unseen aspects of South Africa include its archaeological finds, its colourful customs and traditions, as well as some less known amazing travel and holiday destinations.

New South Africa

South Africa has transformed into a stable and secure country and is now reaping the benefits of this, which is especially evident in the case of the tourism industry. There are many places of interest in South Africa and the country has numerous tourist attractions.

For years people world-wide have wanted to tour or visit South Africa. They are now doing it and discovering what the country has to offer. From the best known places like Cape Town and Kruger National Park, to the lesser known amazing holiday and travel destinations and attractions.

Visitors to South Africa can now enjoy the diversity of South Africa's holiday and travel experiences. These include its national parks, rich with wildlife, African safaris, as well as luxury hotels with bars, nightclubs and a la carte dining.

We start with some of the best known South African holiday destinations, such as Kruger Nastional Park, Cape Town, Paarl Mountain, and Johannesburg, which you find described in the following travel articles.

Colourful homes in Cape Town
Colourful homes in a street in Cape Town, one of South Africa's best known and most popular holiday and travel destinations.