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South America

A guide to Latina America's travel destinations

Visiting South America is an exciting prospect with its vibrant, passionate culture that thrives on music and colourful dancing. This is a vast continent of jungles, rain forests and great mountains. The continent also has some of the world's most exciting cities and miles and miles of fabulous beaches. All of these attributes make the region a must for a holiday.

  Visitor guide to South America

Bogota Tourist Attractions

Bogota Tourist Attractions

The capital of Colombia offers a great diversity and rich cultural heritage, with a host of incredible attractions. The city surely rewards its intrepid travellers who hop across its archipelago of neighborhood to unearth its artistic and cultural gems. Here are some of the city's most interesting attractions.

Cruises to Cape Horn

Cruises to Cape Horn

If you want to experience a true adventure, going on a cruise to Cape Horn could be one of the most fabulous ideas. Located at the southernmost part of South America, this legendary place will help you explore the mythical wonders of Tierra del Fuego headland.

Facts About South America

Facts About South America

It's probably one of the most colourful places in the world. This major destination offers a huge variety of choices for the world travellers, amazing sights and versatile cultures. While there are many reasons to visit any of the countries in South America, we have selected 7 interesting facts that probably nobody told you.

Why Latin America is Becoming the New Surfing Hotspot

Latin America Surfing Hotspot

If you are a surfer, you already know well-established surfing destinations, like Hawaii, California, Australia, etc. But do you know that Central and Lating America are becoming hot new surfing destinations? Find out what makes Latin America the new surfing destination popular with surfers.

The Other Side of Buenos Aires

Discover the Other Side of Buenos Aires

Delve into the other side of Latin American culture by exploring unusual tourist attractions in Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires. Its many holiday offerings range from sun, sand, food, and wine to its famous South American football sentiments. It's one of the most exciting cities in South America.

Rio de Janeiro

Located on the Brazilian coast, looking out to the South Atlantic Ocean, sits Rio de Janeiro. It is busy, noisy and full of adventures to be had. To experience South America in full party mode, visit Rio de Janeiro at the Carnival time, but stay in a boutique hotel so that you have an oasis of calm to return to.

Rio sits between lush mountains and the glorious beaches fronting the Atlantic and is a true city of the imagination. The pulse of the samba is rarely absent from this city in which every day is a celebration. The climate is hot all year round, with occasional rains in the summer, but the party temperature is always high.

South American gaucho
Gaucho is a national symbol of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, an important part of
Latin American cultural tradition.

Buenos Aires

With its fading architecture, grand boulevards and old-style cafes Buenos Aires seems like a European city from another era. This is one of Latin America's most Exciting and popular cities, a major transport hub for the southern part of South America. The city has two airports.

Founded in 1536 by the Spaniards with a lengthy name in Spanish, whose last two words were 'Buen Aire', meaning "good air". Hence its name of Buenos Aires, usually translated as "fair winds".

Colourful street party in South America
South Americans are known for their colourful party celebrations and carnivals

Săo Paulo

Săo Paulo is the largest city in South America. It's also Brazil's most cosmopolitan city that boasts a pulsating nightlife, fine restaurants and an impressive cultural and arts life.

The city is very congested so the subway is the best method of getting around.The buses are very crowded.