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Best South Pacific Bucket List Adventures

5 Must-See Travel Destinations in the South Pacific

The South Pacific is a picturesque region with stunning destinations that offer truly unique adventures and once in a lifetime experiences. From lush rainforests to colourful aquatic environments and mighty volcanoes, the natural landscapes of the South Pacific provides the perfect place to hike, bike, swim, surf and dive in exploration of the natural marvels the region has to offer.

Stars in the night sky in South Pacific
If you plan to add to your bucket list some of the coolest destinations in the world,
then South Pacific should be on your list of adventures. (Image: Cerqueira, Unsplash)

These are the South Pacific travel adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list:

Skull Island in the Solomon Islands

As one of the most sacred cultural sites that tourists have access to in the South Pacific, Skull Island offers a cultural experience like no other. Located just off Lola Island in the Solomons, Skull Island is the final resting place for the skulls of warriors and local chiefs. Hidden throughout the small island you’ll find shrines created from rocks and dried coral. Skull Island is a great way to discover the Solomon Islands.

Tanna Volcano, Vanuatu

Mount Yasur on Tanna Island, Vanuatu is a must see. As the world’s most accessible active volcano, a trip to Tanna will get you up close to this natural wonder. You’ll witness the bubbling magma core of Mount Yasur and will no doubt be mesmerised and in awe of the size and power of this active volcano.

Lagoons of Bora Bora

Bora Bora is arguably one of the most popular holiday destinations in the South Pacific, and for good reason! Located in French Polynesia, the lagoon waters of Bora Bora are bucket list worthy. Sparkling fantastic shades of blue, these lagoons which Bora Bora has become famous for are home to a diverse range of marine life. Guided tours allow you to get up close and personal with the exotic marine and witness these natural wonders in all their glory.

Resort at Bora Bora lagoons
The stunning beauty of Bora Bora island in French Polynesia is a must-add
for anyone's bucket list. (Image by Julius Silver by

To Sua Ocean Trench of Samoa

The iconic swimming hole known as the To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa is notably postcard worthy and a must see for anyone travelling in Samoa. The natural, clear water pool is not only visually stunning but steeped in cultural significance and a day trip to To Sua Ocean Trench will be a cultural and physical experience.

Swimming with Whales, Tonga

There are few places in the world where you can swim alongside the giants of the sea and Tonga is one of them. Tonga offers travellers and holiday goers an opportunity to safely and legally swim alongside the majestic humpback whale, an activity very few people get to experience. No South Pacific bucket list would be complete without this experience on it.

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