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Often referred to as "the land of smiles", Thailand is one of the most desired and most popular holiday and travel destinations. It's also a good destination for budget travellers, with the basics like food and accommodation reasonably priced.

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5 Thailand Tourism Myths

5 Thailand Tourism Myths

It's one of the most popular exotic destinations in the world, with a lot to offer for all types of travellers. So, if you are thinking of visiting an exotic destination, Thailand is one of the best. However, there are some Thai tourism myths that keep stoping some people from visiting, even though they're not true.

Koh Samui Thailand Attractions

Koh Samui Thailand Attractions

When you are looking for a tropical destination, Thailand should be on your tropical holiday list. This lush exotic paradise offers great beaches, tropical gardens, busy cities, and a unique culture. One of its many charms is Koh Samui, a true tropical paradise island.

Patong Beach Restaurants

Patong Beach Restaurants

Rich and spicy Thai cuisine is just one of many reasons to visit this beautiful Asian country. You will find unique beaches and lively cities in this tropical paradise, accompanied by a great cuisine. We have selected three must-visit Thai restaurants on Patong Beach.

Phuket Island Attractions

Phuket Island Attractions

Another well-known and recognizable tourist destination in Thailand is Phuket, which features a number of interesting attractions. These include Old Phuket Town, Phi Phi Island, and Phang Nga Bay. Some of the most iconic movies have been filmed on Thailand beaches and Phi Phi Island.

Tropical destination Thailand

Being a tropical destination, Thailand can be rainy, warm and cloudy during the southwest monsoon season from mid May to September. During the northeast monsoon season from November to mid March, it's generally dry and cool. The southern isthmus (the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula) is generally hot and humid.

The most common language spoken is Thai, although English is gaining in popularity due to the influx of tourists. English language is also spoken by the Thai elite. When you travel to village areas, you will encounter ethnic and regional dialects spoken. It's wise to get an interpreter or travel guide to help you understand the locals.

Koh Samui Thailand
One of the most recognizable images from Thailand reflects its rich and unique
cultural heritage

Thailand contrasts

A strange combination of contrasts, Thailand can be very stressful when attempting to get around Bangkok. But it can be also extremely relaxing visiting any of the number of eautiful beaches that exist along the Thai coast. These beaches have served as the settings for several films.

Traditional beach resort areas like Phuket and Phi Phi and rustic beaches like the one belonging to the Ko Chang island, with some beach bungalows, a few local bars and a couple of stores, are easy to find. To locate beaches catering to a mixed taste, you will need to ask the locals or your travel agent, but it’s pretty simple finding just the resort you desire.

However, do not limit yourself to just the beach. Up country, towards the north, you can find the city of Chang Mai, the Summer Palace of the King of Thailand, and little villages where you can partake of interesting local customs and rituals. Rafting, hiking, mountain biking, diving, snorkeling, trekking, and other adventure sports are also popular among outdoor enthusiasts.