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The Himalayas

Discover Himalayan Destinations

The world's highest, the best known, and the most popular mountain range is the Himalayas. This great mountain chain is home to over 100 mountains, all higher than 7,000 metres above sea level. In the Sanskrit, the word Himalaya means "snow abode" - hima (snow) alaya (abode).

  Popular Himalayan Destinations and Travel Tips

10 Most Amazing Lakes

Top 10 Most Amazing Lakes

This rugged mountains range embraces hundreds of gorgeous lakes around India and nearby countries. Almost all of the lakes in the Himalaya regions are located at high altitudes of less than 5,000 metres. Some of the best frozen lakes can be found in the Indian Himalayas region.

5 Himalayan Destinations

Five Himalayan Destinations

The myriad of its natural beauty and sights draws many hikers and pilgrims to this vast area. It's an ideal destination for anyone who desires experience of culturally different places. We have chosen five of the best places you could visit this summer in the Himalayas.

Experience The Himalayas 

Experience The Himalayas

When judged by the height, the Himalayas are the greatest mountain range in the world. This tallest mountain range has attracted many would-be climbers and mountineers for as long as we remember. If you are planning an adventurous vacation, you will find the Himalayas a great travel destination.

Himalayan Destinations

Himalayan Holiday Destinations

If you are looking for once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience, then Himalayas are your destination. There is an adventure that awaits you, but part of the experience is getting there. This beguiling destination will make you feel like you are on the top of the world.

Places in the Himalayas

Amazing Places in the Himalayas

If you are looking to spend you New Year Holidays somewhere exciting, you might choose a Himalayan adventure. Whether you like to climb or just go trekking, you are bound to enjoy every second in this spectacular region. Explore some of the amazing places in this famous mountain chain.

Travel The Himalayas

Travel The Himalayas

The beauty of these mountains is breathtaking, with its green valleys, blue skies, clear mountain streams and of course snow covered mountain tops ever present. You will find here a wide range of activities available, from mountain biking, river rafting, treks, and scenic sights.

Himalayan Mountains

Two men trekking on the Himalayas
The Himalayas range is popular with the trekkers and hikers.

The majestic Himalayan mountains stretch over five countries: Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet and Bhutan. It includes 14 highest mountains in the world.

Two of the highest peaks are K2 and the well-known Mount Everest, which is the world's highest mountain at 8.850 metres.

Travel to Himalayas

Apart from the trekkers, pilgrims and mountain climbers, this vast area is also popular with other travellers.

Most popular access to the Himalayas is via Nepal, which provides a good range of accommodations and an easy access to the mountains from Kathmandu, its capital city.

The other popular option is to access Himalayas via India, which offers numerous traditional festivals and religious rituals. The most exclusive Himalayan access is via Bhutan, who have kept mass tourism out, owing to high tourist tax.

Ladakh in the Himalayas

Ladakh is the highest inhabited place in India and part of the larger region of Kashmir,
and one of the many popular Himalayan destinations.

The other access points are via Pakistan and Tibet, both of which can sometime be considered security risks. Check with your government travel advice before you choose any of these for your Himalayan travel.