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Explore the Other Side of Buenos Aires

Discover unusual tourist attractions in Argentina's capital

Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting and popular South American cities. There are many ways to explore the city, but doing it differently is fun! Visitors to this part of Latin America will find an array of popular attractions and discover what makes this country a fascinating place.

Buenos Aires is an exciting city. Apart from holding the distinction of being the capital city of Argentina, the city is home to football, tango, food and of course fun! Travelers visiting the city will never be disappointed with its offerings that range from sun, sand, food, and wine. Though there are many options of exploring this sunny city, let us delve into the other side of this Latin American cultural city.

Buenos Aires at night

Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities not only in Argentina,
but also in South America.  (Image by

Soak in the football fun

The city is unanimous with its sentiments for football. When in town, donning the blue and yellow hat over a game is a must. Travelers cannot seem to keep themselves away from the magnetic charm of the sport that is adored in the city. One of the best ways to explore the charm of the loveable city is to catch up on a game and befriend a local. To soak in the cheering, hooting, clapping, and doing everything in support of the local team, is the best way to relish the fun side of this city.

Eat, Eat and Eat

Sumptuous grilled food
You will find a great assortment of food offerings here

Buenos Aires is known for its assortment of food and flavors. A good way to indulge in the city is to grab a meal on the street.

Travelers can bite into the crispy chinchulines, or the briny rinon along with the yummilicious molleja.

The city of Buenos Aires is as much known for its delectable food and wine offerings, as for other interesting attractions to its visitors and travelers.

Spend some time away from the hustle and bustle

The city is one of the prime business and cultural centers in the country. It is thronged by business and leisure travelers throughout the year. As such, it is forever bustling with activity and noise. Hardly any place disconnects from its allure. One of the best ways to spend a romantic evening with that someone special is to escape into the wilderness of the Tiger. Densely forested and shinning waterways offer that much needed solace to the tourists who book cheap tickets and enjoy it all.

Visit the religious theme park

For all the devout Christians and others who believe in the miracle of the Christ, this is a strictly not-to-miss place. The Tierra Santa holds the distinction of being the world’s first religious theme park. The park leaves the visitors more enlightened and knowledgeable.

Cementerio de la Recoleta

This graveyard looks like one of those in the horror films. Spooky yet alluring, the tombs, and mausoleums of Cementerio de la Recoleta have been attracting tourists from far and wide. Visitors make sure that the site of Evita's ghostly flower-strewn monument is not missed in this sunny city.

Dine in style

The city is fascinated with food. Numerous eating joints and restaurants offer an assortment of scrumptious meals. However, Olsen, the popular Scandinavian restaurant is a hot favorite with the locals. The almost freezing ambiance offers a glimpse into the Scandinavia. Visitors can relish vodka over delectable Scandinavian recipes and take home an experience of a lifetime.

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