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A review of best travel guidebooks

There's plenty of travel information available online. But when you start planning your travel it's smart to turn to good travel guide books, where you will find reliable, useful information about different travel destinations. Some travel guides are better than others, so it's important that you know what you're looking for when you travel, what your goals are, and what your pocket can handle.

However good and useful travel guide books are, a travel guide is just that - a travel guide. It's meant to give you travel tips and guide you to your travel destination's attractions. But it's you who sets the itinerary. So, choose your tips and attractions well, but add your own touch and allow your sense of discovery and adventure to guide you in your chosen destination. After all, it's all about you and your own experience and travel adventure.

That being said though, let's explore some of these most popular and best known travel guide books that many a traveller has found immensely useful in planning and making trips around the world. No doubt you will recognize some of these guides and perhaps have even used one or two in your travel planning before.

This listing here is by no means a comprehensive listing of all travel guides available out there. But this is a good sampling of some of the best travel guide books available, that will give you a good starting point to discover what they offer.

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Best Travel Guide Books

 The Fielding Guides

 The Fielding's Guides

Written by different travel writers, including Fielding names, The Fielding Guides are well written and provide candid information. These guides are good in providing off-beat, unusual destinations. If you like to travel off the beaten track, then these unique adventure travel guidebooks are just what you need.

 Fodor's travel guides

 Fodor's Travel Guides

Now in its 7th decade of publishing travel guides, Fodor's features almost 100 titles in the Gold Line series. These guides provide good historical and cultural information. The Fodor's guides cover countries around the world, with some emphasis on the West. Great for those who like to stay in the middle of the road.

 The Frommer Guides

 The Frommer Guides

Budget travel guide books. The Frommer's provide touring guides, city guides, and special editions. They also detail restaurants, hotels and nightlife. A greater emphasis is placed on Europe and the United States, although you will also find books on Alaska, Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, and many other travel destinations.

The Lonely Planet

 The Lonely Planet

Very few travellers haven't heard yet of these LP guide, which have earned a great reputation for worldwide budget and independent travel. Amongst five series being offered, the On A Shoestring guide covers everything from a specific country, to a region or continent for the low budget traveller. Classic travel guidebooks.

The Michelin Guides

 The Michelin Guides

There are Michelin Red Guides and Michelin Green Guides. The Red Guides provide detailed information about European hotels and restaurants, while the Green Guides focus on European art, history, and places of interest. These upscale travel guide books are for the travellers that are not too budget conscious.

The Moon Handbooks

 The Moon Handbooks

These popular travel handbooks by Moon Publications are updated annually, which makes them great for the travellers that seek most up to date travel information. Authored by different travel writers, these handbooks provide good and detailed contemporary information about travel destinations from around the world.

 Rick Steve Euro Guides

 Rick Steve's European Guides

Written by Rick Steve, these easy guidebooks provide everything that you need to know about particular European destination. One of the most popular books from the series is Europe Through The Back Door. This guidebook covers it all - from packing up, to exploring it all that Europe offers, all on a manageable budget.

 The Rough Guides

 The Rough Guides

As their name suggests, these guides focus on college-age travellers to Europe. In its manner the Rough Guides are similar to the Lonely Planet books. They're more irreverent and aimed at the budget conscious traveller. These are street smart guides with lot of tips.

Good travel guidebooks makes travel vastly easier and well informed. Use them even when you're only traveling in your arm chair. The best will spark your imagination and lead you to unknown discoveries and adventure. And if you get inspired and take a trip to one of these fabulous travel destinations, no doubt you will experience a great holiday adventure.