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Travel Norwegian coastline
for wild and unpopulated natural beauty

Experience the awe inspiring beauty of cruising Norway fjords

Norway is possibly the most beautiful country on the planet. It is a land full of towering mountains encasing deep fjords. The rivers of water at the bottom of these steep valleys meander for miles towards the sea and are an essential part of Norway. There is a simple yet awe inspiring beauty in cruising along these fjords while massive rocks formations tower overhead.

Town in Norway
Colourful buildings and towns are just some of the sights and experiences
you're likely to encounter on your trip to Norway.

No visit to Norway is complete without experiencing these fjords and a variety of other delights along the coastline. Some of the best sights should be seen via boat and there are several boat cruises to choose from:

The Alesund to Geiranger Fjord

The fjord from Alesund to Geiranger is approximately 100km long. The first part of this section of Norway is full of lively, bustling villages. The gorgeous side of the magnificent fjord used to be home to the centre for seal hunting in the arctic. Just a little further along this beautiful river are the villages of Sykkylven and Ekornes which manufacturing furniture for places all over the world.

The fjord continues away from this populated area and travels through several mountains. There are still signs of life here and a few people still live in the farmhouses built many years ago. Houses which are hard for even the fittest people to get to! The river finally reaches Geiranger and you are greeted by an idyllic location. There is also a modern adventure and experience centre.


The Trollfjord fjord is just 2km long and at points just 100 metres wide. On one side you have Trolltindan whose peak rises 1,084 metres above sea level. This mountain has such sheer sides and there are frequent rock falls. It is also possible to visit the Trollfjordvatnet, a large lake 162 metres above sea level which still has chunks of ice visible in it even in the summer.

A fjord in Norway
Norway fjords are a must-see when you visit this country
and take one of the many fjord cruises.


Hjorundfjord takes you from the coast and heads deep into the mountains. This fjord is not on the usual tourist maps and offers a seclusion that very few other fjords can. Alongside the river sits several rural communities, a few isolated farms and steep rock walls. There are an abundance of historical stories which will delight and educate anyone. It is also possible to catch a bus from Hjorundfjord to see some of the historic sites, including an ancient settlement which was destroyed by a landscape over hundred years ago.

The majority of Norwegians live near the coast as this has historically been the lifeblood of the country. Norwegians are passionate about preserving the landscape and the government have very strict building regulations. This has ensured the country remains a natural wonder.

The Northern Lights

If you visit Norway during the winter then you will have an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights; this is a unique sight like nothing else in the world. It is even possible to see it from a boat, sitting in the middle of a fjord without any other sign of life.

Small coastal town in Norway
Cruising Norwegian waterways will give you chance to enjoy the sights
of many towns dotted
along the Norwegian coastline.

Island hopping

There is also a ferry service, known as Hurtigruten which runs from Kirkenes (on the border with Russia) to Bergen. This service is used daily by the locals and this will guarantee any visitor a variety of company. The ferry takes twelve days to travel the length of this section of coast and stops thirty four times along the way. Every stop offers a different island to explore and new memories to create as you experience the hospitality of the Norwegians. There are an abundance of villages on the way and even an opportunity to stay in a traditional fisherman’s shack. This part of the world can get very cold so it is best to visit in the milder summer time.

As far as the towns are concerned, some of the most enticing positioned on the coastline are Tromso, Hammerfest, Bodo, and Bergen among numerous others. Tromso is a superb metropolis with a lot of attractions and activities to offer to its avid travelers. Featuring a lot of museums, parks and a superb botanical garden, Tromso has something for everyone. For your winter holidays in Europe, explore Hammerfest, which is positioned up north and it packs an amazing variety of winter sports and activities.

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