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Reading travel guides can useful and informative. But sometime someone's personal account of a travel experience can give you more interesting insight about a travel destination than any guide book will. We hope that you find these travelogues informative, fun and entertaining, as the writers did themselves. They're featured here in alphabet order.

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Tips for Buying a Vacation Rental Property in Florida

Buying Vacation Rental Property in Florida

Having a second home is a dream come true for many. But if your second home happens to be a vacation rental property in Florida, you have it made. Not only that you can rent it to earn an income, but it can also be your vacation home. This guide provides you with valuable tips how to go about it.

Campeche Properties

Campeche Mexico Properties

City of Campeche in Mexico was granted World Heritage status for its cultural and historic significance by UNESCO in 1999. Accordingly, Campeche properties are now World Heritage. But there are still good property deals to be had, particularly when compared to U.S. and European prices.

Caribbean Best Beaches

Caribbean Best Beaches

Just mere mention of the Caribbean name conjures images of tropical beach paradise. From Aruba's most beautiful beaches, to Jamaica's Seven Mile Beach, St Thomas' Magen's Bay Beach and Martinique's best beaches, the Caribbean islands have plenty on offer to all beach lovers.

Costa Rica Best Spots

Costa Rica's Best Spots

Compared with the world's other exotic tropical paradises, Costa Rica remains largely undiscovered. It is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. Costa Rica is also characterised by having one of the highest literacy rates in the world and being one of the oldest democracies in Americas.

Costa Rica to Canada

Costa Rica to Canada

One couple's story about a fresh start in Costa Rica, to begin a new life and build a hotel business, after moving from Canada. As with any moving to a new country, they expected it to be tough. What they didn't expect was the help they got along the way in Costa Rica.

Dangerous Roads

Explore Dangerous Roads

Part of our travel experience is the adventure spirit that drives us to explore new places. For those who like to push this spirit into overdrive, there are places that will test your limits and nerves. Some of the most dangerous roads should be avoided, but if you like danger with sights this could be your travel adventure.

Egyptians Shop Math

Egyptians' Shop Math

For hundreds of years Egyptians have been learning how to maximize dollar-per-name return from their country's tourists and have this figured out into an art form. But that's all part of Egypt and Cairo's experience. On the surface Cairo is a chaotic city, but there is certain order underneath that chaos.

Exploring Costa Rica

Exploring Costa Rica

New Costa Rica Central Pacific beaches attract retirees and surfers alike, while Costa Rica Central Valley is a magnet for North American and European business people, looking for real estate and property investment. There are also other investors who see big opportunities in this country.

Egyptian Pyramids

Exploring Egyptian Pyramids

Exploring Egypt Pyramids with your personal egyptologist can be educational and fun travel experience. These ancient monuments seem so accessible that feel you may as well explore them on your own. You will soon find that the local guides do a great job, that you'll never wander on your own.

Truth Behind Travels of a Travel Blogger

Travels of a Travel Blogger

It's one of the dream jobs for many, who often see themselves enjoying a travel lifestyle, while earning money from their blogs and vlogs made in different parts of the world. But there is a hidden spect of it all, which naturally involves working hard and meeting deadlines.

Vacation with Timeshares

Vacation with Timeshares

Did you know that timeshares can be cost effective way to enjoy your annual vacation? Find out how many ways to make timeshare work for you in this article, which explains how timeshare and vacation clubs work. If you'd like to travel the world on a budget, consider timeshare investment.

Travel guides and brochures are one thing. But personal travel experiences are quite another. Sometime the best way to know what to expect in a particular travel destination is through someone's story, or travelogue.

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