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The Ultimate Guide
For An Exhilarating Trip To Hawaii

Plenty to see and do in this tropical paradise

Going to surf
For surfers, Hawaii is a true surfing paradise - even if you are not a surfer, you can just
enjoy the others perform their daring riding of the waves. (Image:

If you love to be surrounded by exotic wildlife and culture, then Hawaii is the travel destination for you. The Aloha State is a collection of beautiful islands that can all offer you a unique, paradise experience. Don’t just stick to the information in your hotel. If you want to get to know Hawaii, follow our tips.

Speak To The Locals

The best way to get to know any place is to speak to the locals. Residents will be able to give you insights into Hawaii that you wouldn’t see in a brochure. You should chat to your taxi drivers, hotel staff and people in restaurants that you visit. Ask them about their favourite places to visit in Hawaii. It’s likely that they’ll have different suggestions to the main tourist attractions. Don’t just ask them about where to go, let them know you have a genuine interest in their life and culture. You may find something about Hawaii that no one in your home town knows!

Visit A Spa

Wellness treatment
When you are on holidays in Hawaii, why not pamper yourself completely
and get a relaxing wellness treatment.  (Image source:

Hawaii is a peaceful place itself and can leave you feeling on top of the world. To feel relaxed, you should book yourself into a Hawaiian spa and try the traditional treatments. If you’ve had massages before, you’ll experience something new. There are places like the Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu Beach where you can enjoy a lomi lomi massage. A lomi lomi massage was once practiced by native healers and is incredibly soothing.

Go Hiking

The Aloha State is well known for its beauty and often referred to as paradise. If you want to explore, you should consider spending a day hiking and getting close to nature. For an excellent day out, you could take a scenic hike through the trails of Oahu. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could go to explore the volcanoes of Maui. There are some beautiful and remote places in Maui. If you want to get closer to the action, we think the Volcano National Park is one of the most adventurous places to go! Remember to bring a local expert with you and to wear the correct gear. If you’re not a pro-hiker, a walk through the mountains will give you just as much of an exciting experience.

Swim With Sharks

Whale shark
It might not be everyone's idea of holiday fun, but if you are daring
going for a swim with sharks could be truly unique experience.  (Image:

Not everyone is an adrenaline junkie, and you may just want to relax at the beach. But if you are, you could spend some of your time in Hawaii cave diving with sharks. Around the north shores of Oahu, there are regular boat tours out to spot sharks. The great thing about Hawaii is that you’ll see a whole range of different sharks. Some people have even said to have seen great white sharks! Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera. Your friends back home might not believe you’ve swum with the deadliest animal in the sea!

It’s not just sharks you can meet in Hawaii either, spotting humpback whales or swimming with manta rays may be more suited to you. You could even try everything.

Hawaii truly is a paradise, so when you visit, make sure you are creating a personal and unique experience. There is much to do on the island, so book your trip for as long as possible. We bet you’ll never want to leave!

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