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Index of new pages recently added to this site

In order to provide you with more information on different travel destinations and holiday attractions, we continue to add new pages and update this site on a regular basis. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the most recently added pages of interest to you. Index of the most recent new pages can be found at the bottom of our home page. The pages are listed in descending order - the latest first.


5 Reasons to Visit Minnesota

Reasons to Visit Minnesota

If you want to escape to nature, Minnesota could be the perfect destination for you. While you will find a wide array of urban and rural landscapes in the state, you will never be too far from an area of peace and tranquility. The state is known for its many state parks and scenic lakes.

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

There are many ways to spend a memorable night in Dubai as a tourist, exploring and enjoying its attractions. One of the best ways to enjoy the night views of the city while having a gourmet dinner is by taking a cruise in Dubai Marina on a dhow vessel. Likewise, you can take a daytime marina cruise, too.

Greece Monuments Pictures

Greece Monuments Pictures

Being an ancient culture and land, Greece is a true treasure trove of many temples and monuments, millennniums old. We have been updating some of Greece's picture galleries, to give you more up to date photos of this amazing destination. Our current updated gallery is on Greek's monuments.

Patong Beach Restaurants

Three Patong Beach Restaurants

When you visit Thailand, one of its many attractions is the long list of dishes and cuisine you will be able to savour. Both local and international dishes will pamper your taste buds to the max. Take a look at the three of the best restaurants we have selected on Patong Beach.

Travel to Greece

Travel to Greece

For many decades Greece has held a "magnetic attraction" for visitors from around the world. Greece became synonymous for a grand Mediterranean holiday, or a Greek islands honeymoon. Despite its economic woes of the recent years, Greece still attracts its share of visitors thanks to its many attractions.

Experiences in Dubai

Outstanding Experiences in Dubai

It's one of the most luxurious and most desired destinations by many. From spectacular skyline and rich shopping experience, to some of the most amazing attractions in the world. Simply, Dubai has it all. If you are looking for unique and outstanding experiences, we have selected five you can only try in Dubai.

Greece Photos

Greece Photos updated

One of the oldest and best known tourist destinations forever has something to offer to its visitors. Each of the picturesque Greek islands and towns provides something unique in terms of activities and sightseeing options. We have updated Greece photos page to give you more insight into this great destination.

California Family Trips

Family Trips to California

As one of the world's top destinations, California has an array of amazing attractions for a family vacation. This sun worshippers paradise provides many luxurious and family options, where it won't take you much to find a 'perfect beach' for your vacation. Take a look at some of family attractions in California.

Greece Slideshow

Greece Picture Slides

As one of the most established holiday and travel destinations, Greece is an amazing place with its numerous islands, ancient monuments, traditional culture and much more. Take a quick tour of some of interesting places and iconic images from Greek islands and towns in out updated picture gallery.

Tourism Guide to Iran

Tourism Guide to Iran

For those looking for off-the-beaten-track destinations, Iran is a unique and interesting country to visit. This historic country is located in Asia, and best to visit during spring and autumn. You will find beautiful architecture, exotic landscape, rich culture and friendly people in this jewel in Islam's crown.

Reasons to Travel to Australia

Reasons to Travel to Australia

You probably wouldn't need much enticement to visit this great continent country. Unless you've been cut off from the rest of the world, you'd be well aware of this fascinating continent. So, rather than try limiting your reasons to visit this contry, we'll get you started with 4 reasons why you should travel to Australia.

Shimla Hill Town

India's Shimla Hill Town

The capital of India's norther state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla hill station is a popular hill station summer resort that attracts visitors from India and abroad. Surrounded by picturesque hills, verdant forests and lush green plantations, Shimla town offers ambience and vibes hard to find anywhere else in India.

Things to Do Before Travel

Things to Do Before Traveling

What is involved in having a smart travelling experience? Many people will choose cheap airfares and a good accommodation as essential for a smart travel. But they skip the very important part of planning your travel. Here are some essentials that go into planning your travel, for a care-free holiday experience.

Europe Honeymoon Destinations

Europe's Top Honeymoon Destinations

With its variety of cultures, architectural styles, rich cuisine and customs, Europe as a whole has always been a top holiday and travel destination. It also provides many fabulous destinations for honeymoon couples. We have selected five top European honeymoon destinations for your review.

Best Countries for Relocation

5 Best Countries for Relocation

Throughout their lives people tend to change their lifestyle and place of living. While majority moves to another part of their country, some people make a bigger leap and go overseas. Going on a holiday is one thing, moving there is quite another. Take a look at our choice of five best countries for relocation.

European Family Getaways

European Getaways for the Family

When you are planning your next family getaway, think of many diverse European city destinations that offer a perfect holiday for the family. With its rich and diverse culture, Europe is a perfect place to find your ideal family holiday destination. Here are our top five suggestions for a family getaway in Europe.

Visit Tuscany in Italy

Visit Tuscany Region in Italy

If you know anything about Italy, Tuscany could be one of the things that comes to mind. This region in the northeast of Italy is known for its wine, culture and historical impact in Europe. It's also home to some of the best known destinations, such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, Saturnia and Lucca.

Rajasthan Family Holiday

Rajasthan Family Holiday

India abounds with great destinations, with Rajasthan being one of the most popular. With a rich history, magnificent forts and palaces, glorious lakes, colourful markets, and unique culture, this Indian state offers an amazing holiday. Here are 7 things that make it a great family holiday destination.

Attract High-End Tourists

How to Attract High-End Tourists

With the growth of sharing economy and site like Airbnb, more people are making money by renting their homes to tourists. It makes good sense and it's better than having your residence sit idle. But in order to attract affluent visitors to your luxury home, you will need to prepare it well to get satisfied vacationers.

Resons to Visit Alibaug

3 Reasons to Visit Alibaug, India

When you think of a holiday in India, the first things that come to your mind are the likes of major cities, Mumbai and New Delhi, and major attractions, like Taj Mahal. But you would be missing out on charming, less known places. One of such is a coastal town of Alibaug, near the city Mumbai.

Walking Holidays in Europe

Walking Holidays in Europe

For some, holidays are chance to escape their daily routine and laze around. But this won'd do much for the body, mind or their social life. Sometime, the most restful holiday is an active one. If this is something that appeals to you, take a look at some of the best European destinations for a walking holiday.

Goa Anjuna Flea Market

Visit Goa's Anjuna Flea Market

By its size, Goa is the smallest of Indian states. But it is well known for its beautiful beaches, as one of great destinations in India. One of its many attractions is Anjuna's beach flea market held every Wednesday. If you savour great Indian experiences, its colourful markets and food, here are 6 reasons to visit it.

6 Benefits of Traveling

6 Benefits of Traveling

We all like to think that travel helps us get away from it all, to relax and unwind, forgetting everyday's worries. But there is more to it, even if we might not see it right away, or think about it. Traveling to distant places helps us leave our comfort zone and change our perspective on many things in life.

Order Steak Like an Expert

How to Order Steak Like an Expert

An inevitable part when you are on holidays (or even at home) is going to a restaurant or steakhouse. Unless you are a vegan, ordering a sumptuous meal will usually involve a steak of some kind. Get some tips on how to order a steak like a pro, avoiding a disappointment and enjoying a great meal instead.

Family Fun Beach Vacations

Family Fun Beach Vacations

There are very good reasons why beach vacations can be fun for the whole family that doesn't break your budget. They usually make to the the top of the list of holiday options for nearly all holidaymakers. We give you some of compelling reasons why they can be a top choice.

Cruises to Cape Horn

Cruises to Cape Horn

This famous, southernmost part of South America is one of the most demanded destinations for those looking for exceptional cruises. Located between South America and the Antarctic, this mythical Tierra del Fuego is considered a major milestone by trading ships going around the world.

Relax and Unwind in Dubai

Relax and Unwind in Dubai

While some people don't mind and in fact enjoy all the hustle and bustle of a busy place on their holidays, there are those who like to relax and unwind instead. So, if you are looking for a stress-free holiday in Dubai, we give you six ways to enjoy an amazing getaway to this great city destination.

Top 10 Places for New Years Eve

Top 10 Places for New Year's Eve

With the New Year closing in, you start wondering where you will have your New Year celebrations. The options are many, each offering a different experience, around the world. Being right time to start thinking of your NY plans, here's our list of the top 10 destinations for New Year's Eve celebrations.

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