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In order to provide you with more information on different travel destinations and holiday attractions, we continue to add new posts and update this site on a regular basis. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the most recently added pages of interest to you. Index of the most recent new pages can be found at the bottom of our home page. The pages are listed in descending order - the latest first.


Things to Do in Brazil

Interesting Things to Do in Brazil

It's a destination that can satisfy many types of travelers, from those who enjoy the nature and all it offers, to those who like lively, noisy city life and crowds. There are too many things to do in Brazil, to make an easy choice. But we have selected top five interesting things that will make your visit memorable.

Summer Travel Destinations USA

Top Summer Travel Destinations in USA

During the year, especially through cold and rainy days, many of us dream of summer vacation. One could say, sometime it's the only thing that keeps you going. So, where do you go and what places do you want to see? If you need some help with deciding, here are top 9 summer destinations in the USA.

Things to Do in Northern Minnesota

Top Things to Do in Northern Minnesota

If you enjoy nature and outdoor escapades on your travels, take a trip to northern Minnesota, where you will find a whole range of exciting activities to do and places to see. We've come up with top five things to do in this part of the US, for some great and unforgettable vacation memories.

Dining in London on a Budget

Dining in London on a Budget

If you ever visited Lonon you would have been amazed at many different cultures and ethnicities embeded in the city. Naturally this diversity can also be seen in its cuisine offerings. London is not a cheap destination to visit, so we have selected a small sample of fine food places that won't break your budget.

Carry-On Travel Essentials

6 Carry-On Travel Essentials

When you're at home, you're at ease, knowing that whatever you might need is close by. But when you're traveling, things are different. Unless you have brough what you need, you will have to either buy it or forego it. For more traveling comfort, bring along these carry-on travel essentials.

Unique Places to Eat for Couples

5 Unique Places to Eat for Couples

When you are with the right person, even an ordinary dining will be special. But why not spend a little extra and have an unusual dining experience in a truly unique place, for lifetime memories. Here's are list of 5 unique places to eat and drink for couples in different parts of the world.

Travel Destinations in Texas

Best Travel Destinations in Texas

Being a big state, Texas offers a large number of destinations to visit. All tourist spots around Texas are different from each other, so you can enjoy a variety of options and try different traveling preferences. To get you started, we have selected top six travel destinations in different parts of the state.

Summer Vacation Planning

Tips for Planning Summer Vacation

With the Summer's arrival, good weather, your job and school responsibilities out of the way, it's time for summer vacation. It can get involving, depending on your budget and the destination you choose. But our guide and tips should help you cover many angles in your planning and be on your way to summer fun.

Avoid Getting Sick in Travel

How to Avoid Sickness When Traveling

Going away on a vacation and traveling can be a perfect storm for illnesses. You get exposed to new places, new foods and of course many people, especially when flying. All this can be a fertile ground for a variety of illnesses. So, it's important to take steps before and during travel, to prevent it from happening.

How to Prepare for a Solo Trip

How to Prepare for a Solo Trip

Solo travel has always had a certain appeal and benefits. While it's not to everyone's like, it does give you a different view of the world that only a solo traveler can understand. But like for any other trip, you need to plan and prepare well. Here are things to do before you take your next solo trip abroad.

South Pacific Bucket List

South Pacific Bucket List of Adventures

This tropical region in the southern parts of the great Pacific is truly a splendiferous place to visit at least once in a lifetime. It includes some of the most amazine tropical destinations that are awesome in their natural beauty. We have selected 5 must-see destinations in the South Pacific to add to bucket list.

How to Book Cheapest Flights

How to Find and Book the Cheapest Flights

The only way to get to your destination is usually by flying. But flights are rather expensive and can take a big chunk out of your holiday budget. So, it's no surprise that most travellers look for cheap flights when planning a trip. Here are some tips how to find and book the cheapest flights possible online.

Facts About South America

Interesting Facts About South America

When it comes to knowing things about South America, it's a question of where to start. With so much diversity in cultures, languages, destinations, and ancient civilizations, this continent can leave you in awe. But you need to start somewhere. Here are 7 interesting facts about South America.

Make the Most of Your Travel

How to Make the Most of Your Travels

Getting some time off your work is an important part of our life, in order to get away from your daily responsibilities. But getting some holiday time is one thing, being able to make the most of it is quite another. The key is to have good pre-travel planning and preparations using these tips.

Best Attractions in New York

10 Best-Rated Attractions in New York City

This great cosmopolitan city offers so much to see and do, the questions is where to start. There are great monuments, large parks, marvelous architecture, endless restaurants, magnificent museums, and much, much more. These 10 best-rated tourist attractions might give you a head start in New York City.

The 10 New Bali Initiative

10 New Balis

An ambitious project by Indonesia could see 10 new tourism hubs created in the country, to replicate the success of Bali as tourist destination. These new hubs are envisioned to bring in 20 million tourist into the country by the 2020. Learn about this initiative via infographic and PDF available.

Cruise Through Dubai

Abra Cruise in Dubai

Whether you have already visited this marvelous city or plan to have a quick getaway in Dubai, you probably know that Dubai offers many different and unique attractions. Add another twist to your visit to Dubai by taking an Abra cruise through the city's water canal, to explore the city from a different perspective.

Iconic Film Locations in the World

Iconic Film Locations Around the World

The past seven decades have brought us countless amazing movies, some of which have become true classics. Likewise, those films have made many locations from around the world famous and easily recognized. We've selected some of those to feature, based on well known and blockbuster movies.

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