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It's a rare country such as the US that offers so many and varied choices when it comes to going on a vacation here, or taking a trip to the US. You could be coming here on a vacation every year of your life and still barely scratch the surface of the array of holiday and travel offerings available. Nonetheless, we have selected a few options that might intrigue you and give you an overview of holiday and travel destinations in the USA.

  Vacations in the USA

5 Reasons to Visit Minnesota

5 Reasons to Visit Minnesota

If you are looking for a natural beauty destination, the state of Minnesota has plenty to offer. Its 62 state forest campgrounds offer beautiful streams, lakes and wildlife to enjoy many different activities, such as camping and fishing. But we give you five reasons to visit Minnesota to start your adventure.

4 Adventures to Find in the Wildlands of Colorado

Adventures in Wildlands of Colorado

There are plenty of adventures to be found in Colorado. From dense urban centers to vast tracts of wilderness, Colorado's diverse terrain is a paradise for the lovers of nature. Hikers and backpackers will be really "at home" in this state. But there is much more adventures to be found in this great outdoor.

Amazing Alaska Places

Amazing Alaska Places

It's one of the most remote, pure and untamed regions on your planet. This amazing destination has served as an inspiration for many a globetrotter seeking an adventure. The country has become a popular destination for those who are seeking refuge in the embrace of intact wilderness.

4 Amazing Spots in Pennsylvania You Should Visit

Amazing Spots in Pennsylvania 

When you are planning next family vacation or a weekend getaway, include Pennsylvania on your short list. This second oldest state in the US, offers lot of history and natural wonders, not the least Amish countryside. We give you four amazing spots that your should visit in Pennsylvania.

Best Christmas Towns in New Jersey

Best Christmas Towns in NJ 

New Jersey has some oustanding and charming cities that shine in the wintertime, looking like a fairytale. After the year such as 2020, you deserve to experience some fun and Christmas magic with your family. Respecting the current measures, keep the holiday spirit alive in any of these towns.

Best Florida Ocean Adventures

Best Florida Ocean Adventures

If you are planning your Spring getaway, be it with your family or friends, or others, you will find a variety of activities that you can enjoy in Florida. The Florida Ocean is the perfect place for scuba diving or snorkeling, and private yachting trips. Here are some ideas to get you started on for the Spring plans.

Guide to California Must See Natural Wonders

California Must See Natural Wonders

As a very popular destination for vacations and relocations, California is the third largest state in the US. As such, it's home to many natural wonders that you should see and experience on your next trip to this phenomenal destination. We give you a head start with tips to point you in the right direction.

Plan Christmas Holidays in Tennessee

Christmas Holidays in Tennessee

Now's the time to start planning your Christmas holidays. One of US destinations we suggest is Tennessee. Go to Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and other cities that are great to spread your Christmas joy around. Here are a few tips and suggestions on where to go and what to do on Christmas in Tennessee.

Cruise Great US Rivers

Cruise Great US Rivers

When you are looking to do something different and to escape everyday worries, US river cruising could provide some amazing experiences. Instead of spending weeks on the wide oceans, whyt not cruise along famous rivers and visit some of the most charming towns, right in the US.

4 Fantastic Places to Visit in Hawaii

Fantastic Places to Visit in Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii might have been on your bucket list for some time, waiting for opportune moment to be implemented. Granted that current situation isn't ideal for travel, you can still plan your trip and be ready. Here are four fantastic places to visit on your next journey to Hawaii.

Guide for Trip to Hawaii

Guide for Trip to Hawaii

The Aloha State is a collection of beautiful islands that can all offer you a unique, tropical paradise experience. If you love to be surrounded by exotic wildlife and culture, this is the travel destination for you. Here are four options to make your trip to Hawaii a different one.

Hidden Gems of Maryland

Hidden Gems of Maryland

Named after the English queen Henrietta Maria, Maryland is home to many cultural institutions and natural attractions. Some of those you may not be familiar with. Take a look at ten of Maryland's many hidden gems, that will give you locations to explore on your next visit to this state.

Ideas for Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Preparing for your wedding can be stressful enough. So, take time to relax and make the most out of your bachelorette party. And the Sin City could be the perfect place for it. Yes, there are some misconceptions about it, but if you approach it correctly you can have a great bachelorette weekend party.

Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas Weddings

Many people have misconceptions about Las Vegas, which can lead to bad decisions, resulting in sometime bad reputation of wedding in Las Vegas. But Las Vegas weddings are growing in their popularity, as they offer interesting advantages. Here is a look at five reasons why thy're so popular.

California Family Trips

Memorable California Family Trips

If you are taking a family trip to California, you will know that the Golden State has a lot to offer. This nature lovers' paradise is filled with parks and forrests to explore, as well as theme parks for family fun and entertainment. We explore family attractions in Anaheim, Carlsbad and San Diego cities.

Northern Virginia Must See Hidden Gems

Northern Virginia Hidden Gems

Traveling helps us understand the world much better, be a part of it and makes us all much better people. Whatever might be your reason for traveling, one of the places you should visit is Northern Virginia. It might surprise you with its hidden gems, that you must see on your next trip here.

Outdoor Activities in Alaska

Outdoor Activities in Alaska

This is a paradise for outdoor lovers, with so many great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in this vast wilderness. From hiking and kayaking, to hunting, ice fishing and dog sledding. We give you a brief rundown on these activities for your next vacation in Alaska, including best places to visit.

Places to See in Seattle

Places to See in Seattle

Many of you will recognize some of the top attractions in the Emerald City, such as Space Needle, Pike Place Market and other famous attractions. But if you want to do something different on your next trip to Seattle, try these five little-known places to see in this cultural city.

Summer Travel Destinations USA

Summer Travel Destinations in USA

Great weather, family getaways, places known and unknown to see and explore - all this happens on summer holidays. But, what places you want to visit? What attractions to explore? All this and more questions are answered in our quick guide to the top 9 summer travel destinations in the USA.

Plan for Summer Adventure Avoiding Social Interaction

Summer Without Social Interaction

The coronavirus 2020 experience has been different to what anyone would have anticipated. It's "thrown the spanner in the works" of many things, summer vacation included. But we need to adapt and try and make it workable nonetheless. Consider some of the interesting ways to plan your summer adventures.

Ten US Travel Destinations

Ten US Travel Destinations

If you hit the Internet looking for holiday and travel ideas, you will find plenty of great tourist spots in the US. But if you're tired of the much-discussed and hyped-up vacation spots, how about choosing some of the less explored places in America that are well known nonetheless.

Cool and Unusual Things to Do in New Hampshire

Things to Do in New Hampshire

Every now and then we get bored with the same old vacations, year in and year out. So, if you are looking for some cool and unusual things to do, head for New Hampshire. This amazing destination offers some unique and quirky attractions that will have you coming back for more.

Things to Do in Northern Minnesota

Things to Do in Northern Minnesota

There are countless destinations to see in the USA that can last you a lifetime of travel adventures. Alas, our lives are short, so you have to pick and choose what to see and what to do. If you enjoy outdoor travel adventures, head for north Minnesota, where you can enjoy a range of exciting activities.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions to Visit in North Carolina

Top Attractions in North Carolina

If you are a first-time visitor or are moving to North Carolina, you will be able to enjoy all four seasons here. In among many of its tourist attractions, North Carolina offers mountains great for skiing, the sea great for surfing, woods great for hiking, and more. Here are some of the top rated attractions to explore.

Top Places for Daytona Beach Visitors and Newcomers

Top Places for Daytona Beach

It's one of the best known vacation spots in Florida. There is always something happening in Daytona. Famous for its legendary international speedway, Daytona Beach offers much more. We've selected some of the top places for Daytona Beach visitors and newcomers.

Tourist Attractions to Visit After Moving to Baltimore

Tourist Attractions in Baltimore

The city is the hotspot of the entire state of Maryland. Having earned its place in American history, it has become a popular destination for people of all likes and preferences. If you move to Baltimore you will find many interesting places to visit. Here are some of the best known to get you started.

Travel Destinations in Texas

Travel Destinations in Texas

It can be a pretty big challenge traveling to Texas, as it's a big state, making it rather difficult to decide where to start. On the other hand, being a big place, Texas offers a variety of options, to please different travel preferences. We have put together six of the best travel destinations in Texas to explore.

How to Travel the US With a Large Group

Travel the US With a Large Group

While some people like to travel alone or with a friend, traveling in a group can be more fun and exciting if you like to let go and enjoy group fun. The key is to get organized and know what to expect, to avoid disappointments. here are some tips to prepare yourself for a group travel adventure in the US.

Unusual Things to Do in Hawaii

Unusual Things to Do in Hawaii

When you think of Hawaiian vacation, maybe the usual comes to mind - relaxing on beach, sampling local cuisine and touring the beautiful countryside. But on your next trip to Hawaii, why not try something unique. We give you some ideas for unusual and exciting things to try in Hawaii.

Vacation in California

Vacation in California

With so many vacation choices available, it would probably take you years to explore California. Going from south to north, it gets greener and wilder, while going from west to east, it gets mountainous and dryer. In amongst so many options, we have selected five things to see and do.

Unusual Vacation Spots in Florida

Vacation Spots in Florida

Most people head to Florida for the great beaches, the famous theme parks and rollercoasters. But if you prefer a different approach to your vacation in Florida, we have selected unusual vacation spots that you can explore in the Sunshine State. Get ready for some unusual fun places in Florida.

4 Reasons to Visit Lake Elsinore in California

Visit Lake Elsinore in California

If you are envisioning a trip to suny California, your mind could be filled with so many destination possibilities. From big cities to sandy beaches, you will find it all in California. But if you are looking for less crowded options, choose Lake Elsinore city, by its namesake freshwater lake in Riverside County.

4 Reasons to Visit Long Beach Mississippi

Visit Long Beach Mississippi

If you are looking for a perfect beach vacation, consider visiting Long Beach in Mississippi. This part of Gulf Coast paradise boasts several attractions and other fun things to keep you active and entertained on your vacation. We've selected four reasons to visit this beautiful destination.

Visiting Hollywood CA

Visiting Hollywood, California

Known as the movie capital of the world, Hollywood is a great place to visit. Naturally, you will find here film studios, glitz and glam. But there's more to Hollywood than the stars. Here's a brief guide to accommodation, things to do, places to eat, and even how to save money on your visit.

Underrated Ways to Explore Las Vegas

Ways to Explore Las Vegas

A city like Las Vegas has too many attractions to explore in a single vacation. This is especially true if you are visiting for a few days or a weekend only. This is when you have to make the most of it, especially if all the entertainment isn't your thing. Take a look at four underrated ways to explore this city.

The US is one of the top travel destinations in the world
Being the world's top holiday and travel destination, USA offers an array
of holiday and travel experiences in its numerous destinations,
located throughout the country.
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