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How to Enjoy Your Vacation in California

Five things to see and do in California

California has so much to offer that it would probably take you years to explore everything. Your choices are many, from bustling cities to deserted beaches and national parks. As you go from south to north, it gets greener and wilder, and as you travel from west to east, it becomes more mountainous and dryer. As hard as it is to pick just a few things to see and do, we wholeheartedly recommend the following.

Visit Hollywood

No vacation in California is complete without visiting Hollywood. Here is what you can see: the famous Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue – the heart of Hollywood, Hollywood Walk of Fame where stars with names of notable movie celebrities are inlaid in sidewalk, Hollywood Wax Museum, Guinness World of Records Museum, the Hollywood Museum, Capitol Records Building, The Academy's Grand Lobby Gallery and Fourth Floor Gallery which both offer free exhibitions that are related to the film industry and much more.

Paramount Studios in California
If you are a movie fan, on your vacation in California you can also visit film studios,
such as Paramount Pictures.
(Image source:

You can also take a tour of current homes of top movie stars like Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise, as well as former homes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

National Parks

Maybe you will be surprised to find out that California has seven National Parks, including Yosemite, San Francisco Maritime Park, Death Valley which covers 3.3 million acres and is the largest National Park in the US, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Lassen Volcanic and Redwoods National Parks. If I had to choose, I would opt for Yosemite and spend as much time there as I can because the nature and the scenery are just stunning.

Redwoods National Park in California
There are many National Parks in California, one of them being Redwoods National Park, known for its giant trees, considered to be the tallest in the world. (Image source:

Some must see spots are Yosemite Valley and the Merced river, gorgeous Yosemite Falls, Cathedral Beach and its view of Three Brothers – a three headed cliff, Bridalveil Fall and Fern Spring. These are just a few of many and you could spend eternity there soaking up the beauty. Other National Parks won’t disappoint you either.

Go to sports events and venues

We all know that Americans are big sports fans, and there are plenty sports teams and events in California. Los Angeles hosts a number of world-famous sports teams, including baseball professionals like the Dodgers and one of the most famous basketball teams in the whole world - the Lakers, as well as college teams such as the UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans.

Basketball is a popular sport in the US
Apart from baseball and American football, basketball is another extremely popular sport.
 (Image source:

Getting some NBA tickets will certainly add value to your vacation. You could also visit some famous sports venues like the Dodger Stadium, The Forum, which is the former home of the Lakers, or the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena, home field for the USC Trojans football team, as well as occasional sporting events.

San Francisco

There is a classic song line that goes like this: “If you’re going to San Francisco, make sure you wear a flower in your hair”. Although it is from the hippy era, it is still very much descriptive of the city’s atmosphere – it is open, friendly, cosmopolitan and a lot of fun. Home to first wave hippy communes, peace movement, psychedelic rock, New Age spiritual movements and rich art scene, San Francisco is still one of the most open-minded cities in the world.

San Francisco city, California
San Francisco is known for its many unique features, including downtown area,
which makes the rest of the city easily accessible.
 (Image source:

It is fairly easy to see as well since the downtown is not so big and you can walk mostly anywhere. There will be some hilly streets but this is part of San Francisco’s charm. The public transport is one of the best in the country, with lots of buses, underground trains, streetcars and even boats to get you from one place to the other. Sights include the legendary Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, Chinatown, North Beach and so many more.

Hit the beach

California is a synonym for beach life, and there are amazing places to discover along the coast, from secluded beaches to bustling boardwalks like Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk located 90 minutes south of San Francisco. It has everything from corn dogs and cotton candy to wooden roller coasters offering unforgettable views of Monterey Bay. There are many spa centers and restaurants to be found along California’s Highway 1 and you can even see elephant seals. You can swim, snorkel, dive, surf, or just simply chill out gazing at the ocean.

Beach scene near Golden Gate Bridge
One of San Francisco's trademark features, the Golden Gate Bridge, can be barely seen here above the fog from one of the beaches. (Image source:

California is a state that is probably the most popular with tourists, and for a reason, you have it all here: the beach, sunshine, sea, good looking people, busy nightlife, good quality food and amazing nature. Anywhere you choose to go, you will sure return with a smile on your face.

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