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Wildlife Tour in India -
A Complete Wildlife Destination

The top five of India's Wildlife Parks

Wildlife is the best gift presented to us by Mother Nature. Not only to balance our Eco-system but to provide an escape from the buzzing urban life. India is a great destination for those seeking a thrilling experience in the park renowned for the big cat, the Bengal Tiger and many endangered flora and fauna species. Below are the top five wildlife destinations that provide the epitome of nature.

Jim Corbett National Park

Considered as the oldest park in India that first set the Project Tiger to life. This park is situated at the hill state of Uttarakhand and makes it best when accessed by a jeep. Here one can grace an album with photos of the famous Tigers, Indian Elephants, primates and the endangered Rhesus. The park is landscaped with wide range of flora too.

Konkankada Valey in India
Konkankada Valley is situated in southwest India, in Maharashtra state - the 2000 feet
(610 metres)
 peak is popular with rock climbers.

Kanha National Park

Situated at the Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is considered as the home to many endangered fauna that their presence is highly valued in India. Among the most sought species are the Swamp Deer and Tiger, Sambar and Gaur. To make your visit more memorable, find time to enjoy the sunset from the park.

Kaziranga National Park

Favored due to the low visitors traffic, it's the third among the most visited Parks in India. Located at the Assam, this park is home to the endangered One-horned Rhinoceros and the Indian Elephant. A jungle trip round the park will eventually provide you with an opportunity to experience the Indian wildlife firsthand.

A rare, Indian white tiger
The white tiger can be found in some parts of India, including Bengal and Assam,
being a rare pigmentation of the Bengal tiger.

Sunderban National Park

Ever heard of an exotic park? This is an exotic park situated at West Bengal. This park is known for having the largest mangrove forest. In the shed of the mangrove lies the largest reserve of Tigers. One can catch a clear view of the Wild Boar, Estuarine Crocodile, spotted Deer, Indian Python and the Gaur.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Located at the Vindhya Hills of Madhya Pradesh, this park is known for its division into three separate portions. Tala is a zone that is home to families of Tigers and many species of birds at the sanctuary.

Elephant safari in India
Indian elephant safaris are a great way to enjoy all that national parks offer,
including seeing other wildlife.

Things To Do At India's Wildlife Parks

There are many enjoyable things and activities that can be done at India's National Parks. Here are some suggestions.

» Jungle Safaris

Although a ride in the jeep can be rocky, it's very handy and suitable for the rough terrains youe will encounter in the parks. For a group or a party of visitors, a canter vehicle is the preferred choice. You can also go on an elephant safari in India, if you are more adventurous and prefer a more natural approach to your wildlife tour.

» Birdwatching

A binocular is best for viewing the rare birds flutter in the trees or dive and soar in the air. As expected, there are many bird species in India's national parks that will make your birdwatching experience memorable. For example, you can see the Himalayan Bulbul and Indian parrots in the parks.

Indian parrots
Ring-necked parakeet, also known as Indian parrot, can be found in Indian national parks

» Fishing

Visiting Jim Corbett National Park with a fishing rod can make your wildlife tour more enjoyable due to the presence of the fish-filled Kosi River. Bring your fishing rods along on the tour.

» Rock Climbing

Presence of rock climbing clubs and resorts can make your dream of climbing a towering rock in India come true. There are many interesting places in and around national parks that are popular with rock climbers.

If you are planning to have a visit to India, donot forget to visit the India’s rich wildlife destinations and get your share of Mother Nature’s gift. Get a chance to be part of India's rich flora and fauna and grace your album with spectacular snapshots. It’s a wonder many have wished to see hence making your visit will give you an opportunity to live your dreams.

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