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Cruising on the Moscow River

An unforgettable cruising holiday adventure on rivers in Moscow

The world puts at our disposal a plethora of spectacular destinations to enjoy. However, out of the endless variety available, nothing can be compared with the beautiful Moscow.

Although people don’t see Moscow as a potential cruising destination, you might like to know that its rivers can offer an unforgettable adventure. So, if you ever get to this beautiful city, you can’t leave without taking a cruise and enjoy the splendor of this lively metropolis.

A bridge on Moscow River

Get ready for a memorable experience

Go straight to the river pier situated close to Kievskaya metro station, purchase a ticket, and get ready to engage on an unforgettable experience. Get on the first boat that comes and let the adventure begin. There will be no need for you to wait since most boats depart every 15-20 minutes. The ships are really comfy, and they feature a lovely retro-style, as well as both open-air and covered seats situated upstairs. Downstairs, you can have a drink, eat something, and spend quality time with your loved one.

Beautiful views, exquisite attractions

The views will definitely delight your eyes, so you should take a seat upstairs and prepare to be impressed. A one-way cruise takes 90 minutes throughout Moscow, and you’ll have the chance to see the impressive Novodevichy Convent, the recently restored Gorky Park, the rebuilt Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the stunning Stalinist skyscraper of Moscow State University, Peter the Great statue constructed by Zurab Tsereteli, and last but not least, the most exquisite and iconic structures of Moscow, the St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Because you’ll watch the most renowned sights of Moscow by water, you’ll observe them from the greatest vantage points, and all you have to do is sit back and take pleasure in the scenery, without having to struggle to walk the right streets to search them out.

Moscow River at sunset

Visiting the attractions

You can get off the boat near the Kremlin and visit Red Square, as well as its surroundings. If you don’t want to get off, you can continue your cruise because the following stop at Novospassky Bridge is also the last one. There, you have the possibility to visit two important structures, the Krutitskoye Podvorye Ecclesiastical Residence, as well as Novospassky Monastery.

Short-timed cruises are the most common, but you can also opt for cruises that last for hours. For example, you can choose a round cruise that lasts two hours and leaves you at Kievskaya. Besides, you can go for cruises beginning and ending from Gorky Park, the Kolomenskoye park estate, as well as from Sparrow Hills. Additionally, you can try a cruise around the island. It begins and ends at Bolotnaya Ploshchad, which is situated in close proximity to Tretyakovskaya metro station.

Cruise pricing

You can cruise on the Moscow River during the “navigation season” which starts in mid-April and finishes in October. The precise dates are different from one year to another, so you need to check this aspect prior to planning your trip. Ticket prices can also vary, and this year, adults will have to pay 450 rubles for the Kievskaya- Novospassky trip, while the fare for children with ages between 6 and 11 years reaches 200 rubles. The great thing is that you have the possibility to purchase an all-day pass for which you have to pay 800/250 rubles.

St Basil's Cathedral

If you decide to visit Russia in the off-season and you really want to take a cruise, the shiny flotilla of state-of-the-art icebreakers owned by the Radisson Royal Moscow Hotel is at your disposal. Of course, this will be a more fashionable cruise, and you will be able to enjoy restaurant service, as well as amazing a la carte menus. You will also have to pay more for this trip, more specifically 900 rubles for grown-ups and 650 rubles for kids. The classy cruise takes about 3 hours and it is available all the time. You can board the ship from the piers located near the Radisson Royal Hotel.

Overall, there’s nothing more enticing than seeing Moscow from a boat. The breathtaking scenery, enticing attractions, and great facilities will help travelers have the greatest time. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some romance with your loved ones, or you want to have fun with your whole family, a cruise along Moscow’s best rivers will surely leave you speechless.

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Cruising Moscow River
Cruising Moscow River
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