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Hidden Gems of Maryland

Visit these 10 hidden attractions in Maryland

Maryland, a state in the USA named after the English queen Henrietta Maria, is home to many cultural institutions and natural beauties, especially its gracious gardens. There are many things related to this state a lot of people are not familiar with. That is why we are here to inform you of some hidden gems of Maryland.

Maryland State Coat of Arms
Maryland is one of the original 13 constituent states of the USA, offering a wide
variety of tourist attractions, many of them true hidden gems of Maryland.

Crystal grottoes

The first one among the hidden gems of Maryland that we will mention is this dark cave. It is almost entirely made of red and brown clay and it features narrow passage ways. A road construction crew discovered it in 1920. They finally opened it as a museum two years later. There is a spot where water constantly drips from the ceiling, thus creating the only pond in the cave. The cavern has a great number of stalactites and flowstone, which are red in the part of the cave called Fairyland.

Ladew Topiary gardens

Named after topiary enthusiast and their own creator Harvey Smith Ladew II, these gardens are outstanding hidden gems to visit. They are full of butterflies and flowers, featuring a butterfly house and a fox hunt area filled with topiaries resembling dogs, foxes, horses and other animals, created with Ladew's love for fox hunting in England. It is located in Monkton.

Ladew Topiary Gardens, hidden gems of Maryland.
Ladew Topiary Gardens is one of the hidden gems of Maryland,
featuring over 100 topiary forms and garden rooms.

Fort Carroll

Now abandoned and overgrown, the US army built Fort Carroll with the purpose of defending Baltimore. The army also used it as a shooting range in World War II. Even though a Baltimore attorney purchased the island in 1958, they didn't do anything with it and now plants and fauna inhabit it.

Lilypons water gardens

These beautiful water gardens are filled with aquatic plants, fish and, as its name implies, lilies. There is a small garden shop where you can buy gifts, as well as food for the koi fish. The place is great for picnics and it hosts interesting events all year long. It is located in Adamstown, and if breathtaking ponds interest you, this is one of the most amazing places to go. You will absolutely love these hidden gems of Maryland!

Jug Bay wetlands sanctuary

Located along the Patuxent River, the sanctuary has many alluring animals to see. Such as frogs which are constantly jumping around and cute little otters. There is even a pond with beaver homes where turtles also live. You can ride a bike here, go hiking, fishing and even canoeing. Also, there are trails that lead to a charming overlook of the river. This hidden gem is for adults and kids of all ages alike.

An otter in Jug Bay wetlands sanctuary.
At Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary you will find many animals, including otters,
that are smart, playful and powerful swimmers.

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

George Peabody founded the library which is well furnished in every department of knowledge, from British art to geography. It contains over 300,000 volumes. This "Cathedral of books" was completed in 1878. It has a dazzling atrium. During daytime, sunlight illuminates the iron-cast balconies dressed in gold-leaf. Also, the bookshelves reach the ceiling and wooden furniture surrounds them. It looks like something straight out of Harry Potter! There is no entry fee and if you are passing by, you absolutely must visit it. This is one of many great places in Baltimore that we will mention, so if you are interested in moving there, make sure you contact Certainly, it will make your moving easier and relieve you of unnecessary stress.

George Peabody Library, Baltimore.
Even if seeing a lot of books might not be your idea of fun vacation,
you might be still amazed by George Peabody Library of historical volumes.

Lawyer's Winterbrook farm

A bit sillier than the others, this farm can be considered an amusement park. It has giant robots and pumpkin cannons for you to shoot out of. That isn't a joke, these pumpkins can reach the speeds of around 75 miles per hour. You can also search for markers around the corn maze. If you find all of them, you enter a raffle with the possibility of winning a free ticket next year. You can also find giant slides and hamster wheels.

Walters Art Museum

This museum was founded in Baltimore in 1934, and it contains over 5,000 years worth of art. Mummies, Lalique jewelry, FabergĂ© egg, Asian, Ethiopian, medieval art, you name it, it has everything. There are even jeweled Turkish rifles. It is attached to a restored three story mansion. The spiral staircase along with the overhead dome is an architectural masterpiece. The museum is a collection of William and Henry Walters, industrialists and bankers who had a passion for fine arts. All of this costs absolutely no money, but you can still show your support by dropping some money into the donation box.

City of Baltimore, Maryland
Established as an independent city in 1729, Baltimore is known as a "city of
neighborhoods", with an estimated population of 2.8 million in metropolitan area.

Dan's Rock

If you like long distance views from high vantage points, then Dan's Rock is for you. The summit has a very enjoyable view, and it takes a short 5 minute climb to reach it. On some days, you can even see four different states from the top. It has many graffiti painted rocks. It is unlike anything you've seen before. However, watch out for rattlesnakes, they shouldn't bother you if you leave them alone. Overall, it is an easily accessible mountain with a charming view from the top, and colorful rocks accompany it.

Sherwood Gardens, Baltimore

A must see in the spring, we can describe this lovely little park with one word: blooming. The tulips and azaleas are marvelous. It has a great mix of purple, red and pink flowers. If you want to enjoy the flowers, you need to get there before May, because they will stop blooming after that. Moreover, it features a splendid neighborhood with well-maintained, gorgeous houses. It is really peaceful, almost perfect for a walk, picnic or reading a book under a tree. In addition, on the Memorial Day weekend, the public can participate in the tulip bulb digs to provide clean beds for summer plantings. This is something anyone would dream of visiting, so if you are in Baltimore, do so.

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