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How to Plan Your Christmas Holidays
in Tennessee?

Experience Christmas holiday spirit in Tennessee

A woman rejoycing at falling snow and Christmas lights
Good planning and right choosing where to go and what to do will help you
rejoyce at spending your Christmas holidays in Tennessee.

New Year 2020 (oh yes, 2020!) is really close, so it’s about time you start to plan your Christmas holidays in Tennessee. Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and other cities are great to spread your joy around. So in this text, we’re first going to guide you through planning Christmas holidays properly and then give you some hints where you can have the most fun. So let’s dive into that ho-ho-holiday spirit!

How to plan your Christmas holidays in Tennessee right?

Make a travel calendar

First of all, if you want to travel more often and make good use of your days off, create a travel calendar at the beginning of each year. This will leave you plenty of time to plan well and look for cheap transport and the best possible holiday accommodation. As for the plan of your Christmas holidays in Tennessee, make sure to know how many days you can be away from work. Of course, spending Christmas time in Tennessee is not the same as spending time in Manhattan. It’s a lot less hectic, but traveling on the 25th is still not the greatest possible idea. So choose to travel during the night or early in the morning when it’s less crowded.

Santa in sleigh with horses in the snow
Plan your travel calendar for Christmas holidays in Tennessee,
to fully experience everything it offers in the festive season.

How to choose your destination

For many people, Tennessee is not what you would call a bucket list destination. But to truly enjoy all the benefits of traveling, you need to be open to experiencing something new. This way, when it comes to choosing a destination, you can decide based on the following principles:

Places close to you

You can start eliminating – or opting for, the places which are convenient and not too demanding. In some cases, transporting your items to a distant place may seem too much for you. Still, there are cheap and handy solutions that can help you with carrying everything that you need with you.

Special deals

You may run into a super affordable flight to a destination you’ve never even thought about. In this case, be sure to read all the terms and conditions and check everything twice.

A smiling woman near green Christmas tree
Christmas is all about family and friends, so if you have any friends in Tennessee
take the opportunity to visit them at Christmas.  (Image by Kaleb Tapp via Unsplash)

Go where your friends are

If you plan on visiting a friend, you’ve dealt with the issue of accommodation, so you can only add plane ticket expenses. In this case, the advantage is that you already know where you are going, which makes the entire organization much easier.

A place where you want to go

A place you simply want to go to and have no specific explanation for that destination. This can even be a place where you have already been, but it was so nice that now you want to share that experience with a close person.

Last minute arrangements option

Also, last-minute arrangements have become a regular occurrence, so this is not a bad option either. Additionally, if you want a last-minute deal to a particular destination, you can check for specific offers online.

Our suggestions for Tennessee Christmas fun

Front of a house with Christmas decor and lights
If you’re visiting friends, you’ve already solved the issue of accommodation
for your Christmas holidays in Tennessee.

Take a look at our list of things to see in Tennessee and decide what’s the best option for you.


The Dancing Lights of Christmas is the drive-through light display where hundreds of LED lights dance to the tunes of Christmas songs. It lasts about half an hour and most people spend about an hour at Santa’s Village. You can also enjoy a family meal at the Monell’s Victorian Christmas Dinner; or dress up to one of Nashville’s favorite traditions.


Chattanooga has a small but modern city center that truly appreciates all Christmas traditions. You can simply walk along the Holiday Trail of Lights leading to the major attractions in the city. If you want to go the extra mile, try going underground at Ruby Falls – here a special holiday town is hidden among this natural beauty.


If you want to feel like home, go to the city of Memphis. You can check Santa’s workshop and other Christmas scenes made out of lights at the Memphis Zoo. Or go to the Peabody Hotel to see its inside decoration, all handmade creation of sugar and tasty gingerbread.


Knoxville may seem like a low-key Christmas area but just drive through the city to check all the fun! Get your ice skates ready and practice your moves at the Holidays on Ice outdoor rink. If you want to stay longer, you can enjoy New Year’s Eve on the Square, with a music concert and a ball drop at midnight.

A red beetle car snowed in
Don’t pack your bags and all your carry on travel essentials just yet!

What about transportation and accommodation?

Depending on how you have chosen your Christmas Tennessee destination, you either need to organize everything from scratch, or you already have some aspects of your trip covered. Either way, it is best to start searching for airplane tickets ASAP - if your trip requires this type of transportation. Also, unless you have a specific idea of where to go, you can search for airline deals on the principle of promotional fares.

Accommodation is also a special story. If you are not going to visit friends or relatives, do not worry. There are thousands of booking sites online. Still, it is not easy to find good accommodation. So be careful, because what you see in the photos does not have to match the reality. Also, before looking for accommodation, check which part of the city is best for you to visit the largest number of sights, so narrow your search to that part. An important note is that you read the comments and reviews, as this can often be crucial and reveal to you the truth about the accommodation you are going to. In any case, good luck and have fun in Tennessee during Christmas time!

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