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Most unique places
that make St. Petersburg a compelling city

Historical places to see in St. Petersburg in Russia

Art, love and war are the three main things that make St. Petersburg one of Russia’s most outstanding cities to explore. In spite of being dominated by its past, St. Petersburg is tastefully restored and remarkably well preserved. Once famously known as the capital of tsars, today the metropolis feels more like an open-air museum. The Russian-like architecture is present is every cathedral, museum and gallery, and also on every street.

There’s something about this place that makes it appealing to people around the world. The underground art is growing, the music scene is coming back to life, and last but not least, there’s a hedonistic atmosphere around the metropolis that lures you in.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg

St. Petersburg - a treasure of Russia culture and art

St. Petersburg prides with fascinating art. Enthusiasts are welcomed to spend a whole day at the acclaimed Hermitage Museum where they can see a wealth of pieces – from Picasso paintings to Egyptian mummies, and more. On the other hand, we have the Russian Museum, which actually comprises 4 colossal palaces. Inside, travelers will stumble upon the finest Russian art collection in the world. As for some exclusive entertainment, make sure to stop by the Mariinsky Theatre for a ballet or opera event, or maybe you’d like to attend a classical concert at the Shostakovich Philharmonia.

Europe’s Northern Venice

In St. Petersburg you can’t run away from water, so it’s useless to even try. Whether you’re enjoying a cruise on the city’s elegant canals, crossing the bridges (choose the best as there are 342 in total), or just walking by the Neva River admiring the surroundings, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your time here. But this is not the only reason St. Petersburg is often compared to Venice. In the historic city centre the canals are bordered by Italian-like mansions; there are lots of plazas adorned with neoclassical and baroque palaces, so it will be impossible for someone not to think of Venice when wandering through the historic centre of the city.

Church of the Savior in Blood

The White Nights

St. Petersburg’s white nights are legendary. The summer evenings are long and warm, and travelers will have a unique opportunity to admire how the sun barely soaks below the horizon. In May, the spring season is in full bloom. The parks are filled with blooming trees, and in mid-June the whole city transforms into a festival heaven. The whole of St. Petersburg will be packed with concerts and live events. However, no visit to this royal-like metropolis is complete without having seen its world-famous palaces in the suburbs. These fascinating estates are a must-see as they showcase extensive landscape gardens and a vast treasury of history and art.

Peterhof is one of St. Petersburg’s most charming palaces. It is also the city’s most popular and well-known attraction. Often called “The Russian Versailles”, Peterhof prides with a grandiose park and palace. Among several of the finest places of interest you can explore while on the premises, we should mention: The Peterhof Park & Gardens, Peterhof Gardens, Grand Palace, Peterhof Hermitage, and Monplaisir, among numerous others.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum is St’ Petersburg most acclaimed place of interest. It is also one of the most prestigious in the world, with a collection of over 3 million items, from fascinating Oriental treasures to Impressionist masterpieces. The Main Museum Complex and Winter Palace are must see collections. However, to see as much as possible, you are advised to get a guided tour. Otherwise, you won’t be able to admire the 350 exhibition rooms all by yourself.

The Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Yelagin Island

Easily accessible from the center of the city, tourists can get to Yelagin Island in about 20 minutes with the metro. This beautiful and relaxing parkland is a must-see, both in the summer when you can enjoy boating on the lake, and in the winter when you can try out outdoor skating activities. Since there are literally no cars on this island, the surroundings are truly peaceful and tranquil.

Enjoy your trip to the beautiful St. Petersburg and make the most of every second spent on its territories. The Russian history of this metropolis, the customs & traditions, the events, and ultimately the outstanding architecture will surely convince you to come back someday.

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