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Trip to Scandinavia –
most stylish holiday you’ll ever have

Explore the finest places in wondrous Scandinavia

Scandinavia is Northern Europe’s most fascinating travel spots. The territory is vast, rugged and packed with an incredible fauna and flora. Basically, the wonderlands will leave you speechless. Scandinavia is comprised of 3 main kingdoms: Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Adjacent countries are also Finland and Iceland. Norway and Finland in particular, are joined by 736km of land and rivers; almost half of the border is along the route of the Anarjohka and Tana Rivers. Sweden fills the gap between the two countries.

Both countries have vast, huge forests and lakes, and cool crisp fresh air. In the summer, the sun never really sets and the winter you hardly see the sun. There are numerous magical places with many interesting places to visit. Natural beauty may be in abundance but the people are also full of culture, good food and cutting edge technology. In Scandinavia, the locals are warm and welcoming, independent by nature yet loyal to a fault. Here are some of the finest places of interest that will surely make your holiday stylish.

The natural beauty of Gudvangen & Naerofjord
Visitors enjoying the stunning beauty of Gudvangen & Naerofjord in Norway,
a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Gudvangen & Naerofjord

A day trip to Gudvangen & Naerofjord should not be missed while on the beautiful Norwegian territory. Situated to the west of Flam in Norway is a 17km long fjord which truly has to be seen to be appreciated. The fjord is only 250 meters across at its narrowest point. It is filled with deep blue water and surrounded by huge cliffs which seem to block all of the sun on even the sunniest winter day. The cliffs rise as high as 1200 meters but you will still found isolated farms and beautiful waterfalls.

The Nasjonalgalleriet

And now it’s time to meet a part of Norway’s culture. Nasjonalgalleriet is Norway’s National Gallery. It houses the nation’s Norwegian art collection, and there are pieces from the romantic era right through the late 20th century. If you happen to be in Norway on your Scandinavian adventure, make sure to include the gallery on your itinerary.

After you checked out the galleries, engage in a natural trek or boat trip and admire the superb Norwegian Fjords that can be seen running along the north Atlantic coast. As you travel along a chosen route, you will note there are many of the original medieval towns still in existence.

Winter calm in Norway
For the lovers of Winter holidays, Scandinavia offers a picture-perfect scenery and peace.

Heddal Stave Church

There are only 28 stave churches left in Norway and this is the largest. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. Heddal Stave Church is constructed around Norwegian Pine and has rose paintings on its walls, dating from 1668. There are many historically significant pieces and this is one destination that should not be missed.


Siida is quite possibly the finest museum in Finland. It offers an overview of the Sami and their environment, a history of their original semi nomadic existence to their modern lifestyle. The museum includes an outside exhibit which has mainly original farmhouses, courthouse and storage huts. There’s also an excellent craft shop and an interesting cafĂ© you might want to check out as well.

The calm and peace sets in at sunset in Linnasaari National Park,
providing a memorable scene.

The Linnansaari National Park

Located in northern and southern Savonia, in Finland, this huge national park is made up of Haukivesi Lakes and literally hundreds of empty islands. The largest island is the most visited and has well marked trails. Linnansaari National Park is an excellent spot to watch for seals, Ospreys and other rare birds. Many visitors rent a Kayak and spend a few days here. The surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

And since we’re in Finland, you might want to stop by Suomenlinna, the country’s most puzzling fortress. Imagine seeing many islands grouped together and joined by bridges with this fortress in the middle. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site you can’t miss out.

After hiking and trekking all day long across the beautiful Finish territories, it’s time for a well-deserved break. Stop by Jatkankamppa, Finland’s smoke sauna. It is a social experience that will live in your memory forever. It can seat 60 people at a time and is a very friendly spot to meet new people and have a good time with loved ones.

Are you ready to be mesmerizing by some pretty amazing Scandinavian holidays? Because the territory is vast and packed with sights you can only see in movies. International travelers will certainly adore exploring Scandinavia’s hidden paths.

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